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490 per cent increase in revenue for clothing retailer on Black Friday

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With Black Friday done and dusted for another year, companies will now be assessing the impact on their sales and bottom line figures. Was it all worth it? What lessons did they learn and should they do it again next year? In this post, I’ll take a look at we learned from Black Friday, including some fantastic results from one of our customers.

Online steals the show

There were various images floating around the web on Friday of quiet shopping malls and scarcely-populated high streets, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that the public shunned this year’s event. This year the focus on everyone’s Black Friday shopping was online.

Many advertisers launched their offers in the days leading up to Black Friday with the hope of generating as many sales as possible, which seems to have paid off with £12,000 a second estimated to have been spent.

The switch to online shopping also highlights why it’s so important to begin your Black Friday marketing activity early. Many of these stores will have benefited from remarketing campaigns promoting their offers and sale promotion via ads and shopping campaigns in the run up to the event.

How did we get on?

As an agency that focuses purely on online marketing, we were keen to make sure our customers were making the most of the Black Friday rush. Below are some of the results we were able to achieve for them:

One of our eCommerce customers (a clothing retailer) began running their Black Friday offer from Wednesday and we can see the sharp increase in revenue. Revenue peaked on Black Friday with a 490 per cent increase in revenue compared to the average day. Interestingly there was still a lot more purchases being made on the Saturday, despite the offer ending.


Remarketing was essential for encouraging both new and existing customers to the site. We ran ads to previous visitors highlighting the sales and the result was a 1328 per cent increase in remarketing conversion rate.

The driving force behind these results was the implementation of the following:

  • Remarketing offer ads
  • Countdown ads to create urgency
  • Black Friday-specific site links
  • Shopping campaign promotions

What can we expect in 2016?

There final revenue numbers have yet to come in for this year’s Black Friday and it’s likely that many will focus on the quieter shops to claim that Black Friday just isn’t that important in the UK. However, the fact remains that Black Friday isn’t going anywhere – it’s the way that consumers shop which is evolving. The growing rise of mobile searches and the ever-changing shopping habits of the British public suggest that the only place Black Friday is heading is online.

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Coralie has been a PPC expert for more than 5 years and has experience across multiple industries, including financial services, IT, retail, automotive, B2B, tourism, engineering and education. Prior to working for Vertical Leap, she worked in-house for one of the UK’s fastest growing financial services companies.

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