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Post archives for Steve Masters

What supermarkets can teach us about SEO

If you find the whole concept of website management and search engine optimisation (SEO) confusing, take a look at your local supermarket and how they organise all their products. For ‘products’ here, think ‘content’.

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How to close a competition with a call to action

How many times do you enter competitions and never hear the results? How often do you run competitions and spend more time promoting than you do following up? Firebox recently demonstrated an excellent way to close a competition by sending out an email to all entrants to let them know they had not won. Most […]

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6 ways to sell Twitter marketing to your boss

Business owners who say, I do not like Twitter probably think it is full of people posting pics of food. That is the first hurdle – they do not use it.Business owners who say, I do not like Twitter probably think it is full of people posting pics of food. That is the first hurdle – they do not use it.

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Marketing ideas? Get your running shoes on

People choose to run marathons mainly for two reasons – for a sense of achievement and to raise money for a good cause. Thousands of people take to the streets of London in April to run the 26.2 miles around the capital city. Many of those people are content creation opportunities. When a managing director […]

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How to use trade shows for social networking

Trade shows and conferences are often under-utilised by companies. Exhibitors try to capture as many leads as possible to follow up later; speakers hope that their presentations will resonate enough to create contacts; visitors aspire to gather as much information as possible and leave without having to be talked at by sales people. If you study […]

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Optimising landing pages throughout your site

Landing pages are often considered in the context of pay per click advertising. The landing page is where a visitor ends up when they click on your ad. Because you pay for the click, the landing page needs to be optimised for conversion. The landing page mentality also applies to your website as a whole, though. They […]

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Introducing marketing automation to your website

Marketing automation software is an investment. A very worthy one, but investments cost money. What if you aren’t ready to invest hard cash in third party software to handle all your automated marketing campaigns? You may have the desire but not the people to manage such a thing. There are some things you can do […]

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Peacock - getting noticed

How to get editors to read press releases

How do you make your email stand out enough for an editor to open it instead of just hitting delete? As a publisher, here are my tips for how to make a press release appeal to me. Editors and journalists receive hundreds, probably thousands of emails each week. After the spam has been filtered out and […]

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a phrase you will be hearing a lot, if you haven’t been hearing it already. You could say that marketing automation is CRM evolved. CRM (or customer relationship management) has been a big feature of marketing since brand owners realised the internet had potential. Many software companies – from enterprise level down […]

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