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Content marketing

Check out our archive of content marketing blogs to learn how to use data to discover content ideas, how best to promote your content on social platforms plus other useful tips and advice.

Content marketing 2016

Content marketing 2016: What to expect

A new year means new marketing plans. Check out our predictions for the content marketing landscape throughout 2016. You’ve no doubt began meeting with your marketing team to devise strategies and campaign ideas for the coming 12 months, and content marketing – just as it has been throughout the past decade – has once again […]

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Digital Marketing Specialist Skills

Digital marketing: Have I the skills to specialise?

As a company that likes to nurture and develop our people, we know better than most the vast array of skills required to be a digital marketing expert. We run our own internal knowledge-sharing and learning initiatives – Vertical Leap University (VLU) and our extremely successful Second Specialism scheme to name but two. That’s not […]

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: The perfect location for digital marketers to make waves

Historic dockyards, royal visits, hundreds of sailors, big-budget film shoots, and even a laser quest; it can only be Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) in Portsmouth. It’s the oldest base in the Royal Navy, with the first dock built back in 1194. A lot has happened here in more than 800 years: Ships from the […]

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Marketing ideas? Get your running shoes on

People choose to run marathons mainly for two reasons – for a sense of achievement and to raise money for a good cause. Thousands of people take to the streets of London in April to run the 26.2 miles around the capital city. Many of those people are content creation opportunities. When a managing director […]

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Peacock - getting noticed

How to get editors to read press releases

How do you make your email stand out enough for an editor to open it instead of just hitting delete? As a publisher, here are my tips for how to make a press release appeal to me. Editors and journalists receive hundreds, probably thousands of emails each week. After the spam has been filtered out and […]

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Short-form or long-form content in the mobile age?

According to data from Millennial Media and comScore 56% of online content is now consumed via smartphones (44%) and tablets (12%), with just 44% consumed on desktops. That’s a huge amount of content being read on tiny screens, so does that mean we should be creating more short-form content? We pitch short-form against long-form to see which is […]

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Why you should optimise your email campaigns for mobile

Email marketing continues to be an excellent marketing channel when it comes to return on investment (ROI). In actual fact, email marketing generates the highest ROI of any marketing channel. It’s a big deal, the numbers don’t lie. However, for some companies the reality is different. They find their users aren’t engaged and campaigns aren’t […]

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Content in the mobile age: Long form or short form?

With Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update still fresh in the memory, you’d be forgiven for thinking responsive design is the be-all and end-all of digital marketing in the small-screen age. It’s not the only thing you should be thinking about, though – content is just as important. The long and short of it As smartphones and tablet […]

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