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For expert advice on all things design – from user experience and responsive websites to email newsletters and data research – you’ll find a wealth of knowledge in our collection of design blogs.

Marketing managers vs designers: How to get on the same page

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” – Barack Obama said that. Encouraging words, aren’t they? Encouraging, but not at all accurate when it comes to the work of marketing managers. Thanks anyway, Mr President. You see, the quote doesn’t take into consideration the impact […]

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How to close a competition with a call to action

How many times do you enter competitions and never hear the results? How often do you run competitions and spend more time promoting than you do following up? Firebox recently demonstrated an excellent way to close a competition by sending out an email to all entrants to let them know they had not won. Most […]

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Outsource to get more left-brain marketing

Harvard Business Review (HBR) predicted in 2005 that there would be a fundamental shift in marketing operations. It stated that up until 2005 the domain of marketing was principally a creative one – or what it referred to as ‘right brain’ marketing. The experts predicted that the proliferation of technology would result in the need […]

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: The perfect location for digital marketers to make waves

Historic dockyards, royal visits, hundreds of sailors, big-budget film shoots, and even a laser quest; it can only be Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) in Portsmouth. It’s the oldest base in the Royal Navy, with the first dock built back in 1194. A lot has happened here in more than 800 years: Ships from the […]

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Optimising landing pages throughout your site

Landing pages are often considered in the context of pay per click advertising. The landing page is where a visitor ends up when they click on your ad. Because you pay for the click, the landing page needs to be optimised for conversion. The landing page mentality also applies to your website as a whole, though. They […]

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Why doesn’t my website perform on mobile?

Following Google’s recent mobile-friendly update, more businesses are focusing their attentions on how their websites perform on mobile devices. These investigations naturally shed light on various problems that might prevent a website from working well, so if you’re struggling to work out why yours isn’t, this slide deck covers nine of the most common reasons. It also offers a […]

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Why your stagnant mobile performance isn’t a bad thing

A huge focus in the digital world over the past several years has been mobile. If you have been optimising your mobile site, implementing mobile and cross-device tracking and creating mobile-only ad campaigns, you’ve been doing it right. However, if you own an ecommerce website, operate a local business or franchise, or operate in the retail sector, […]

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