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Content Marketing

5 tactics every retail marketer should be using in 2017

It’s official: retail marketing is sexy again. The likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and co. are creating new consumer experiences to shorten the buying journey between those first searches or ads and the final purchase. This means you need to adapt to a new kind of shopping process; one where less time is spent on websites and more of it in...

by • posted October 20th 2016

Content ideas represented as droplets caught in a web

Content Marketing

5 places to get fresh content ideas every day

If you're doing content marketing, you have been stuck for content ideas at least once. See where to find inspiration and never struggle for ideas again.

by • posted September 6th 2016


Content Marketing

Live video and the law – what you need to know

The popularity of live video on social media raises legal questions about copyright and privacy – laws that struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change. Periscope and Meerkat led the march towards live video for all, with competing launches in 2015. The apps quickly captured a mass market – allowing users to stream live videos of whatever they...

by • posted August 23rd 2016

magnifying glass over a book, reflecting the need to investigate facts when creating digital content

Content Marketing

Fact-checking guide for content marketers

There's far more to fact checking than just Googling something to double check it's right. Here's a journalist's guide to checking your facts.

by • posted May 24th 2016


Content Marketing

Content: How to reduce, reuse and recycle

A good content strategy is about a combination of pieces rather than one standout eBook – no matter how good you think it is. This all sounds rather time consuming, and requires a lot of data research and creative thinking, so best book out the entire afternoon for some ideation. Hold on there; why create a host of different pieces,...

by • posted May 19th 2016