Legal marketers challenges in digital marketing


4 challenges facing legal marketers and how to overcome them

Legal marketing is a tough business. Aside from being one of the most competitive industries, you can often have a battle on your hands when it comes to convincing the partners to invest seriously in digital marketing. There’s added pressure to get results fast and prove your approach is working – we know this because we’ve worked with many law firms...

by • posted July 25th 2017

Travel UX issues


5 ways to improve travel UX with Google Analytics

Many travel brands have a poor reputation when it comes to user experience (UX). We’ve all come across those annoying forms, endless checkout processes and questionable mobile experiences while trying to sort out a holiday. And we’ve all given up on brands before making the purchase as a result. In fact, the SalesCycle Q4 2016 Remarketing Report puts booking abandonment rates at...

by • posted July 10th 2017



5 quick UX tests you can do in-house

Normally, when we talk about improving user experiences you’ll hear us discuss collecting data and making informed changes, based on user feedback. But not all UX tests rely on bundles of data and there are a number of quick exercises you and your employees can do to spot areas for improvement on your website. Here are five quick UX tests you...

by • posted March 21st 2017



What is UX and how can it help my business?

UX design is one of those topics you can’t ignore as a marketer because it has deep roots in everything you do for an online brand. It’s something you and everyone in your team must understand, even if you’re not experts in the field. So what exactly is UX and why is it important to every business? This is the question we’ll...

by • posted March 7th 2017



Why every marketer needs a web maintenance retainer

If you ask most marketers how they manage their website, the majority will typically have it redesigned every couple of years and only contact their developer when there is a problem. This cycle continues and nothing seems particularly wrong – after all, this is how you’ve always done things. The problem with this approach is that nobody is keeping on top...

by • posted November 8th 2016