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What happens when I click this button?

User experience (UX) is not only about layout, it is also about messaging. Intuitive design relies on an understanding of presentation and on user expectation. How often have you been on a web page, presented with a couple of options, wondering what happens after you choose each option? Sometimes it’s like Neo in The Matrix torn between the red and blue pill....

by • posted June 8th 2016

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The three reasons why people visit your website

If you want to cast a critical and impartial eye over your website, to evaluate its likely effectiveness, ask yourself whether it meets the only three reasons that bring people to websites in the first place. You might be selling DVDs, offering a collection of funny videos, blogging about your gap year in Moldova or running a petition against the price...

by • posted April 26th 2016



What makes a great landing page?

Landing pages are different to homepages; their purpose is to encourage users to perform a specific action, which is why getting the design right is key. In this blog, we explain why landing pages are so important and provide you with some useful design tips to boot. Why do companies use landing pages as opposed to their actual website? A landing page allows a business to...

by • posted January 5th 2016

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The 7 most annoying things about website checkouts

Fed up of abandoned baskets? Well, perhaps these near-customers were fed up of your website checkout process. To improve yours and ensure you convert more customers, make sure you’re not making the mistakes highlighted in this article… ‘Unexpected item in bagging area’ – a bit silly really, when you consider the bagging areas of self-service checkouts were designed solely to expect...

by • posted December 9th 2015



Lessons from 6 retailers on how to reduce cart abandonment

What makes a good online shopping experience? Well-designed and easy-to-navigate sites are important factors. An excellent search function also allows your customers to find what they’re looking for quickly. Alone these things surely guarantee sales, don’t they? If that is the case, why are so many shopping carts being abandoned? A study by the Baymard Institute shows that, on average, a whopping...

by • posted November 2nd 2015