Podcast: What’s new in digital marketing – July 2020

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In this week’s podcast, our guest panel speakers are Ben Jayston and Marie Turner, both SEO Specialists at Vertical Leap, and Matt McCullough who specialises in PPC.

We discuss:

  • Breakout terms in Google Trends
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Google’s depreciation of the old structured data testing tool
  • Women in mentoring
  • Bing’s announcement about how to optimise your content for search questions using deep learning
  • Google Discover Ads
  • Google ads mobile app MCC update


Google Trends: https://trends.google.com/trends/

Google Digital Garage: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage

Rich Results tool article: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2020/07/rich-results-test-out-of-beta.html

Women in mentoring: https://www.womenintechseo.com/blog/wts-mentorship-program/

Bing article – How to optimise for deep learning https://blogs.bing.com/webmaster/july-2020/How-to-Optimize-Your-Content-for-Search-Questions-using-Deep-Learning

Google Discovery Ads: https://blog.google/products/ads/discovery-ads/

The discovery network:  https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/mobile/google-discover?visit_id=637888984894422131-847086385&rd=1

Google ads mobile app: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9954561

About the speakers

With 15 years in SEO and an entrepreneurial background in all things digital, Ben has been working at Vertical Leap since 2016. 

Marie has been in marketing for 10 years – 5 years in national media planning and advertising, and 5 years in SEO and content marketing. She’s been at Vertical Leap almost a year after relocating from Essex to Hampshire last year.

Matt joined the Vertical Leap team in March this year, with 7 years of digital marketing experience. He specialises in PPC management helping businesses increase their ROI across multiple ad networks.

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Marie Sinclair profile picture
Marie Sinclair

Marie is a dedicated and result driven Account Manager with more than 10 years’ experience helping businesses enhance their online presence and achieve their sales and marketing objectives. Having worked with both small and large businesses across different industries, Marie understands the need of effective project management and knows the importance of delivering results to customers. Marie joined Vertical Leap in March 2020 where she manages a portfolio of customers, helping them find their online focus by managing delivery and continuously developing the businesses’ strategy unique to them. Originally from Berkshire, Marie and her family moved to Portsmouth a few years ago where she takes long walks by the sea with Maggie the dog and her ever energetic toddler.

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