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Podcast: Why big brands should still care about SEO

Categories: Events, Podcast, SEO

In this episode we discuss why large name brand businesses should care about SEO.

Leading the conversation is Vertical Leap Managing Director, Chris Pitt, and Head of Services, Lee Wilson; two highly knowledgeable and experienced search marketing experts. 

We discuss:

  • Do big brands really need SEO and why does a national or global brand need to compete on a local level?
  •  How should a large company approach SEO?
  •  Are larger brands reconsidering the value of SEO since Covid-19?
  •  What should big brands be focusing on for 2021?


Core Vitals update –

About the speakers

Chris Pitt

Chris is Managing Director at Vertical Leap and has over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing, previously holding senior roles in tax and financial companies. He’s a regular at exhibitions and events across the country having presented at all the major industry exhibitions as well as providing educational talks at Google’s London HQ.

Lee Wilson

Lee is Head of Services at Vertical Leap after previously heading up the SEO department. He joined the team in 2010 after running digital departments since the early 2000’s. Before Vertical Leap, Lee had experience setting up and running his own company focused on search marketing, as well as working in-house, growing a national company into international audiences through online development. He has also written and published two SEO industry books.

Marie is an Account Manager at Vertical Leap.

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