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3 things to know about expanded text ads

As of January 31st, you are no longer able to create or edit ‘standard’ text ads. Instead, you have to use the expanded text ad (ETA) format and gradually migrate your ads over to them – if you haven’t done so already. Google gave us a good six months to test out ETAs and while there are still plenty of questions to...

by • posted February 23rd 2017

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How Google is changing the search marketing game for travel brands

The travel industry is an integral part of Google’s long-term plans to stay competitive – and it’s taking an active role in changing the way we travel. The tech giant isn’t just on a mission to improve the Google experience, but also make it harder for competitors to muscle in on its users. Things have changed a lot in the past...

by • posted February 17th 2017

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Facebook testing two new ad formats, plus other news

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for the guys over at Facebook advertising as the social giant looks to continue its incredible growth. It’s shaping up as an important year for all the big names in paid ads and we’re expecting plenty of announcements over the next 12 months. So let’s start with a roundup of all the key news...

by • posted February 7th 2017

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Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Feb 17

In this month’s search marketing news round-up, we’re talking Bing Ad extensions, paid search on Amazon’s Alexa, new ranking signals for videos on Facebook and YouTube images appearing in image results. Read on to get all the latest news. Ad extensions scheduling (Bing) Bing recently announced that marketers can now choose when their extensions – such as sitelinks, callouts, app extensions, structured...

by • posted February 2nd 2017



How to increase brand awareness with Facebook advertising

Not long ago, we looked at how to increase brand awareness with Google AdWords and it only seems right to follow up with a similar post on Facebook advertising. This is where Facebook excels: in getting your brand seen by a wider audience of people. However, there’s more to increasing brand awareness than simply get your message out there. You want...

by • posted January 17th 2017