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5 tactics every retail marketer should be using in 2017

It’s official: retail marketing is sexy again. The likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and co. are creating new consumer experiences to shorten the buying journey between those first searches or ads and the final purchase. This means you need to adapt to a new kind of shopping process; one where less time is spent on websites and more of it in...

by • posted October 20th 2016



Google wants to become the ultimate selling tool for fashion retailers

Google’s on a mission to become the ultimate selling tool for fashion retailers with a new experience it’s calling Shop the Look. The search engine is already a trusted tool for people on the lookout for fresh attire, but the new setup is designed to make items more tempting and increase sales. As always, there’s a nice integration with Google’s paid...

by • posted October 11th 2016



Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Oct 2016

It’s that time of the month again when we look at the latest search engine and digital marketing industry news, and this month has been a big one for updates! Penguin search engine news alert Every search and digital blog over the past few days will have included at least some reference to Penguin 4.0 and the move by Google, incorporating Penguin into...

by • posted October 7th 2016



SEO and PPC: Why you need both from the same agency

Until recently, it was quite normal to have one agency for SEO and another for PPC. After all, why would you settle for compromise when you can have a specialist in each field working for you? However, things are very different now. As the line between SEO and PPC continues to blur, splitting them doesn’t make much sense. In fact, you’re...

by • posted September 13th 2016



Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Sept 2016

Goodness, these monthly news articles certainly come around quick! This month, we’re talking about a mobile pop-up penalty, critic reviews displaying in search results, running experiments in the Google Display Network and the new sitelinks data now showing in Analytics. Google penalty for mobile pop-ups As part of an ongoing drive for Google to make mobile content more accessible, and improve the user experience...

by • posted September 8th 2016