Why analytics is nothing without data visualisation


Why analytics is nothing without data visualisation

Unless you work with data every day, it’s easy to overlook the importance of visualisation. After all, what did a pie chart ever do for anyone? Well, the truth is data on its own is pretty useless until you format it in a way that reveals actionable insights – and you need more than a few spreadsheets to do that. In...

by • posted August 14th 2017



Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Aug 2017

Read about the latest changes to the AdWords interface and Google Search Console that have happened in August 2017.

by • posted August 1st 2017

Legal marketers challenges in digital marketing


4 challenges facing legal marketers and how to overcome them

Legal marketing is a tough business. Aside from being one of the most competitive industries, you can often have a battle on your hands when it comes to convincing the partners to invest seriously in digital marketing. There’s added pressure to get results fast and prove your approach is working – we know this because we’ve worked with many law firms...

by • posted July 25th 2017

Search Marketing News - July 2017


Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – July 2017

This month we’re looking at how long it takes for a website to start ranking in Google, Google My Business, Bing Ads competitor metrics, Gmail messages and ‘SEO the Movie’! How long does it take for a new website to start ranking in Google? This question is something that businesses have asked for many years and finally Google have added some clarity...

by • posted July 3rd 2017

Predictive analytics


Using predictive analytics to increase sales – without increasing your PPC budget

Predictive analytics turns your existing data into a roadmap of future user actions. By modelling user behaviour against a range of influences that impact buying decisions, you can use predictive analytics to understand when people are most likely to buy. This is a big deal for your PPC campaigns, where you want to be investing more of your budget into the...

by • posted June 27th 2017