Expert Interview: Lee Wilson on the power of automation in SEO

Marketing automation is getting a lot of attention these days. Not because it’s the latest trend that’ll be forgotten by the end of the year; because brands can’t do without it as the marketing workload increases and data drives everything. Make no mistake, automation is probably the most important technology in marketing right now and – to help explain why –...

by • posted June 20th 2017



The 5 pillars of a successful SEO campaign

Search engine optimisation becomes more difficult to define every year. As SEO crosses borders with content marketing, web development and various other parts of your marketing strategy, it’s hard to draw the lines between them at times. So we thought it might be a good idea to clarify the state of search optimisation in 2017. There are five key ingredients to...

by • posted June 9th 2017



Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – June 17

In this month’s round-up we’re talking about Google Attribution (an exciting new feature that allows you to understand the full conversion channel instead of just the last click), the launch of ‘Google for Jobs’, a new ‘Buy’ button in AdWords, Expandable AdWords Ads with carousels on mobile, and Pop-Up Ads on maps. Google Attribution launches Last week at the Marketing Next conference in...

by • posted June 5th 2017

Dead tree


5 bad SEO habits that kill your search ranking

There’s no denying SEO has a history tarnished by bad habits. It seems like a lifetime since Google unleashed its first Panda update in 2011 – after all, six years is a long time in this industry – but how much have we really learned since then? Sure, the classic black hat techniques may have been (mostly) wiped out, but most...

by • posted June 2nd 2017



Machine learning is much bigger than just Google

There are plenty of articles covering machine learning right now but most of them talk about how it will impact search engines and the way we optimise for them. Which is fine, except there is another side of the story: what machine learning will do for marketers. It’s time to stop obsessing about Google’s algorithm and realise that machine learning is much bigger...

by • posted May 15th 2017