How we used machine learning to sell more flowers


How we used machine learning to sell more flowers

What should you do when you have a warehouse full of flower bulbs that you want to sell, but aren’t sure exactly where to spend your marketing budget to get the biggest and quickest return? That was the challenge our customer Sarah Raven was facing. This is how we used machine learning to solve it and clear the stock. What challenges did Sarah...

by • posted August 9th 2017



Solicitors: Why don’t we appear in Google Maps?

Local SEO helps you narrow down on a more targeted audience, cuts your competition and slashes the cost of your keywords. It also brings the opportunity to rank at the top of the page – in Google Maps – for keywords you might not otherwise rank for. All of this makes local SEO a big deal for solicitors who are working in...

by • posted August 8th 2017



Search marketing news and what it means for marketers – Aug 2017

Read about the latest changes to the AdWords interface and Google Search Console that have happened in August 2017.

by • posted August 1st 2017

Killer SEO tips


10 killer SEO tips for 2017

After spending a few years in the background, SEO is in the spotlight once again in 2017. New technologies and an even more secretive Google makes for plenty of talking points; there hasn’t been this much speculation over the future of SEO for quite some time. Finally, the discussion has moved beyond long-tail keywords and mobile-friendliness. Here are 10 killer SEO tips...

by • posted July 27th 2017

SEO best practice for images and video content


SEO best practices for images and video content

The role of visual content in SEO is bigger than many marketers fully understand. It’s widely accepted that Google prefers content which includes visuals and we know it makes things more engaging for users. This has a knock-on effect with other SEO signals like time on site, bounce rate and shares. Sadly, this only counts if you optimise your visuals for...

by • posted July 20th 2017