Google’s mobile-first indexing: what does it mean for SEO?

Google has announced that mobile-first indexing is now rolling out, almost a year and a half since it originally unveiled plans to change the way it ranks mobile and desktop pages. During this time, the search giant has been experimenting and testing the implementation of a mobile-first search experience and now it’s ready to roll out the new system. There’s also...

by • posted April 10th 2018

Search overtakes social media as top source of traffic


Search overtakes social media as top source of traffic

Last year, for the first time since 2014, search generated more referral traffic than social media. This was revealed in a new referral traffic report from Shareaholic, which analyses traffic referrals from more than 400 million users to roughly 250,000 sites across a diverse range of industries. Similar findings have been published by Chartbeat too. This is a significant development for...

by • posted March 21st 2018



What we learned from 9.7 million search queries

Now you can forecast your traffic from organic search results, because we have recorded the average click-through rate at different positions in search results using 9.7 million distinctive queries.

by • posted March 7th 2018

How to check content quality of a website

Content Marketing

How to check the quality of your website content 

We all know quality content is essential to a winning SEO strategy but how do you measure something like ‘quality’? In this article, we’re going to start by defining what quality content means in modern SEO – something many brands still struggle to clarify. Then we’re going to look at how you can check the quality of content before you publish...

by • posted February 28th 2018

Machine Learning: 3 minute guide for Marketers


The marketer’s three minute guide to machine learning

As consumer behaviours change, we need to find new ways to influence their purchase decisions. Leveraging big data is one way to do that. But what happens when the data is too big to handle? Call machine learning to the rescue. This field of computer science has developed new methods to “teach” the machines. Instead of programming the instructions, you can teach an...

by • posted February 27th 2018