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Social media fails and wins – 10 lessons for us all

These social media fails and great examples of social media marketing act as lessons to us all about what to do and what not to do on social media.

by • posted December 1st 2016


Social Media

How Instagram became the hottest tool in travel marketing

Instagram is the hottest name in travel marketing right now. A recent survey from MissTravel revealed 48 per cent of Instagram users turn to the platform to choose travel destinations and 38 per cent to discover new places. With those kind of stats, this is one place you want to make your travel brand discoverable because half of the industry is already...

by • posted November 28th 2016


Social Media

The pros and cons of the main social media platforms

One of the toughest choices you have to make in social media marketing is which networks to go with. Get this decision wrong and you’re stuck preaching to the wrong crowd or producing the wrong kind of content to engage them. Each network has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them better for certain goals than others. So let’s take a...

by • posted September 27th 2016



Forget the AdWords vs social ads debate: Use both or lose out

Every time a new marketing approach hits the scene, the same thing happens. For a year or so the marketing community is abuzz with debate. When social media arrived it was search vs social. When email made a comeback it was content vs email marketing. Now the debate hangs over paid advertising and the big topic is AdWords vs social ads....

by • posted August 16th 2016

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Social Media

How to generate leads through social media

There are countless opportunities to gather information from potential clients using social media, but the difficulty lies in collecting details that are worthwhile. Dave Chaffey compiled the Global social media research summary 2016, which shows that there are over 2.3 billion active social media users as of February 2016. This gigantic pool of people are at the fingertips of your team, offering endless opportunities to find...

by • posted March 22nd 2016