What are chatbots and why do you need one?

Chatbots: of course you’ve heard of them because that’s all people seem to be talking about in the marketing industry right now. However, unlike some trending marketing topics, this is one worth getting excited about. Chatbots are changing the way people interact with the web. We’re not just talking about a new web design trend here; this is going to shake...

by • posted August 9th 2016



Data Q&A: Challenges, automation and human efficiency

We at Vertical Leap are big advocates of automation – seeing it not as something to be feared as a job stealer, but instead a way of liberating workers from boring, repetitive and manual tasks. It won’t take jobs, it’ll make them more interesting and creative. The reason this automation is needed is because of the mind-blowing data proliferation of recent...

by • posted December 7th 2015

Google RankBrain - How machine learning is changing search results

Content Marketing

Google RankBrain: Good news, machines have taken over at Google

Machines have taken over some of the most important ranking factors at Google. They (the robots) have been in place for some time and guess what? They are doing a pretty great job of it. In this post, I cover what this means to your businesses search performance and why this change is one to be embraced rather than feared. Machine learning...

by • posted October 28th 2015



Marketing managers and IT developers: A blossoming marriage

Marketers are no longer Don Draper-esque artistes, focusing solely on a creative and not giving data and measurement the time of day. Likewise, IT crowds and technology professionals are no longer confined to the basements, “de-magnetising” the internet like Stephen Hawking himself. In my previous blog, I explored the battles between marketing managers and designers that have been going on for...

by • posted September 24th 2015



Introducing marketing automation to your website

Marketing automation software is an investment. A very worthy one, but investments cost money. What if you aren’t ready to invest hard cash in third party software to handle all your automated marketing campaigns? You may have the desire but not the people to manage such a thing. There are some things you can do to introduce some marketing automation into...

by • posted August 10th 2015