Driving customers to Richmond Hyundai

Europe’s largest Hyundai retailer

Richmond Hyundai is Europe’s largest independent Hyundai dealership, based in Portsmouth, Guildford and Southampton. We’ve worked with the company across multiple channels, particularly helping to promote the launch of the Guildford branch.


Rectify the data problem

The first step towards creating a successful search marketing campaign was to gain complete visibility of conversions and cost per acquisition (CPA). Conversion tracking on the site was providing misleading data, with over-inflated conversion figures.

Working with Richmond to establish which conversion paths were most important, we rectified all conversion tracking problems and were able to establish the importance of generating phone calls to create more MOT, servicing and test drive appointments.


Exploit the caller data

We used Response Tap’s unique numbers to track phone calls back to search terms. Using this data, we refined the AdWords targeting by location and time of day to generate highly qualified calls, resulting in more conversions within the budget.


Phones ringing off the hook

Since implementing call tracking, there has been a 49% increase in phone calls (August 2013 – October 2013) and a 357% increase in total conversions (February 2013 – October 2013)

phone increase

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