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Your current marketing agency is probably great at a lot of things, but are they the best possible choice for your search marketing?

SEO and PPC require specialist expertise and the most advanced technology available - we have both. We work with lots of marketing managers, alongside their existing agencies, focusing solely on SEO and PPC. This means your agency can get on with what they're great at, while we do what we're exceptional at – search.

"I've often seen a company become enamoured with an agency because they're great at what they do, and they then trust that agency to handle other activities for them. And that's where a lot of great agencies get into trouble" - Forbes

Computer-aided decision making at your fingertips

When you bring us on board, both you and your agency also get access to Apollo Insights, the most advanced data platform in the industry. That means algorithmic analysis, marketing intelligence and computer-aided decision-making all at your fingertips. It's one seriously powerful tool!

"I liked the idea of bringing a specialist agency in, but didn't want this to conflict with my current agency set up. I needn't have worried.

Vertical Leap fitted in seamlessly with my existing agencies, ensuring that the SEO integrated perfectly with our wider marketing activities. The combined agency team I now have working with me is second to none, with enhanced marketing intelligence thanks to Vertical Leap's data platform Apollo Insights which we all have access to."

Rod McInnes

Marketing Manager, Alium Partners

Alium Partners

Rod McInnes, Marketing Manager, Alium Partners

Let's get together

We'd love to show you how rewarding working with a specialist search agency can be, and blow your socks off giving you and your agency a tour of Apollo Insights.

Simply pick a convenient time and place, and contact us on 0845 123 2753 or thirdwheel@vertical-leap.uk