We are very excited to be exhibiting at MarTech at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London next month, the first European event of its kind. MarTech is a unique conference dedicated to the intersection of marketing, technology and management. It is aimed at senior level marketers who want to connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing.

We will be showcasing our expert system for marketing intelligence, Apollo Insights, and demonstrating how we combine this with the power of human expertise. Apollo Insights is the future of decision making; our expert system has been taught by the best digital minds in the industry. We know that a lot of digital marketing is about analysing data and making decisions on the information provided, however, a lot of these mundane activities can be automated to improve efficiencies and give time back to the ‘humans’ to be more creative and use their expertise for marketing.

Apollo Insights has transformed the way in which we work, it has revolutionised search marketing as we know it. We have created a marketing platform that not only allows our clients to see all of their online marketing environment in one place, but tells them what the data means. Because Apollo Insights combines industry leading reporting and business intelligence capabilities – such as dashboards, exportable data grids and deep analysis – with algorithmic analysis, it allows us to dig deeper than any other platform and make sense of the information. It even advises what to do next.

This is the future of digital marketing and we are leading the way – Apollo Insights is THE Expert system for improved marketing intelligence.

We’d love to see you there

Come join us at MarTech Europe – it will be an intense two days of in-depth presentations and networking opportunities with pioneering marketing technology providers.

To view the full agenda visit http://martechconf.com/europe/

For discounted tickets click here and enter code MARTECHE15VERTICAL

Why not connect with us and let us know what you want to learn at MarTech Europe 2015? We look forward to seeing you there!