We have teamed up with The Drum in order to resolve the big data dilemma for marketing agencies in the UK.

There is little doubt that big data presents huge opportunities for the modern marketer. However, using data effectively is much easier said than done, and most businesses will find themselves facing the same challenges as they strive for insight-driven success.

What will you learn?

the-drum-logo-700x180FREE to Vertical Leap subscribers (usually £45), the first part of this webinar takes a look at some of the biggest obstacles that businesses must overcome before they can realise data’s true potential.


  1. There is too much data, making it totally overwhelming to even know where to start
  2. The data is all over the place, meaning it has to be collated which can take hours upon hours of time (or budget if you’re paying an agency to do your digital marketing for you)
  3. Unless you are able to bring this data together, you do not have the complete picture and, therefore, the insight you draw may be misleading
  4. If you are able to collate all of the data, most people are unsure how to interpret it, meaning they fall back on gut instinct to make decisions
  5. There is a lack of insight in upstream reporting, meaning data is simply getting passed from pillar to post


In the second part of the webinar, we talk about some of the ways that marketing managers can overcome these problems such as the use of dashboards, marketing task automation and computer-aided decision making. These tools can remove a lot of the menial tasks from marketing managers that are so time-consuming to carry out, liberating them to focus on doing actual marketing and being proactive.

Who and when?


Steve Masters

Date: Mon 6th July
Time: 3pm-4pm
Trainer: Steve Masters, Services Director at Vertical Leap

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