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Sarah Raven data science case study background

What they said

Vertical Leap are very data focused which meant the decisions they made for us generated a good return right from the offset We very quickly saw significant increases in traffic levels, organic transactions and organic revenue, and this trend looks set to continue.

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Ashley Pallet
Ecommerce Executive
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Bespoke algorithms

Needle-in-a-haystack insights

Marketing has become a job of two halves – data analysis and creative implementation.  But the volume and depth of data requiring analysis today is overwhelming and requires specialist skills.

Our data science team works with our customers and delivery teams to make sense of all this data, maximising the impact that we have on our customer’s search campaigns.  Working with bespoke scripts and algorithms, Vertical Leap’s data scientists apply large-scale analysis through machine learning, to identify needle-in-a-haystack insight that provides our customers with the competitive edge.

Device analysis
Codestone SEO and PPC Case Study Hero


Codestone is a SAP and IT managed services company that approached us to help with SEO and PPC. We doubled their conversion rate from 1.5 to 3% and reduced Google spend by almost 50%. View case study
Codestone SEO and PPC Case Study Hero
Stagecoach Data Visualisation Case Study


Stagecoach Performing Arts is one of the largest extra-curricular performing arts schools in the world. Using data visualisation, we took a single PPC metric and turned it into very powerful business insights that helped to grow the franchise network. View case study
Stagecoach Data Visualisation Case Study
Sarah Raven - machine learning case study

Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven is an online gardening retailer. We used machine learning to quickly identify where it should spend its limited budget and achieved a 194% increase in transactions. View case study
Sarah Raven - machine learning case study
Keytek SEO Case Study


Keytek is a national locksmith that was struggling to increase visibility at a local level. We used data visualisation to reveal where to focus its digital campaigns, which resulted in a 45% increase in conversions. View case study
Keytek SEO Case Study
Data science
Impulses, impediments and incentives

Unified insights or specific challenges

Our Unified Insights service provides you with the most complete analysis of all your data.  Additionally, we offer three secondary services:

Google Analytics

One of the most powerful sources of marketing data is often misconfigured leading to inaccurate reporting.  We ensure that Google Analytics is configured and maintained correctly, so that every campaign is trackable across every channel and conversions are correctly attributed across all areas of your marketing matrix.

Data science and machine learning

We work with you to get more insights from your existing data using proven data science and machine learning techniques.

Data visualisation

We can help you visualise your data so that you can provide understanding upstream, downstream; or to partners and customers.

Working closely with our in-house marketing team and utilising Apollo Insights Vertical Leap has successfully helped us to scale up our search marketing - no other agency has achieved this! We look forward to continue to work together with Vertical Leap and building on this success.

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