Usability Testing

Powerful user insights

Powerful user insights

Usability testing is a compound diagnostic procedure. It helps you ensure that only the best product ideas rise to the top by taking note of your users’ common behaviour patterns.

Our usability testing services will help you gain insight into what common steps users take, what mistakes they make, what challenges they face, and when they give up on the task altogether.

How we can help you

How we can help you

As a well-established and credible usability testing agency, we can help you:

  • Reduce support costs by establishing exactly where common bottlenecks occur and putting fixes in place.
  • Increase your understanding of your users without asking them by observing and analysing their behaviours.
  • Gain a data-driven perspective on what features your users need and invest only in the ones that matter.

Our usability testing services

Discovery sessions

Once our UX designers have a good grasp of your business goals, they will analyse your closest competition, assess the known areas of concern and carry out recording sessions, heatmaps, A/B tests, MVT tests and split tests to identify how users are interacting with your digital product.


Based on the gathered insights, our team will develop a series of custom experiments to drill down to the root cause of the problems. We’ll agree on the series of tasks users will be requested to perform, set these as objectives for our experiments and then our UX specialists will monitor the data they’re seeing and collect feedback.

In-depth reporting

With the help of our software, Apollo Insights, we can analyse thousands of data points and obtain valuable prescriptive insights. If needed, we can handle the end-to-end implementation of the suggested changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usability testing evaluates how easy a website is to use. This normally involves testing the website with real users to determine how usable and intuitive it is. Session data is monitored to compile quantitative usability data while users may be asked to provide feedback for qualitative insights.

This depends on the quality of the testing process. For example, some usability testing services simply show your website to random users but you’ll gain better insights by recruiting users that match your target audiences and buyer personas.

Remote usability testing invites participants from off-site locations to test your website. This involves screen sharing or dedicated remote testing software that allows you to set tasks and see how users behave. Remote testing allows you to open up usability tests to wider audiences without creating an on-site space to conduct tests.

User feedback is an integral part of usability testing so any agency should have the tools and expertise to perform both of these tasks. The testing itself tracks user sessions while feedback collection may ask users to elaborate on issues they experience. The five second test is a popular method of showing users a landing page for only five seconds and asking them questions about the key message. This is an effective gauge of impact, clarity and memorability.

Usability testing helps to confirm that your marketing and design choices have the intended impact upon your target audience before you launch. If you’re creating a new website, redesigning an existing one or releasing a mobile app, user testing is an integral part of ensuring your platform is ready for release.