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Why Vertical Leap London?

Vertical Leap is one of the leading PPC agencies in London. All our PPC specialists are qualified in managing high-performance PPC campaigns across every advertising platform. Using data science techniques, we are able to discover paid search opportunities that other agencies would miss, which means we can drive significant revenue growth for our customers.
Since 2001, from our head offices in Portsmouth, we’ve provided quality PPC services across the UK. Following demand for our services in London, in 2015 we opened offices in the capital.
As a London PPC agency, and certified partners with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, we have the technical and local knowledge to help you thrive in the world’s business capital, and beyond.
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4.9★★★★★ from over 110 Google reviews

Our aim is always to deliver the best PPC service in London and this is reflected in our Google reviews. We consistently receive high ratings for our unrivalled levels of knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness and quality of service. You can check out our reviews here.

So whether you’re a small, one-location shop or an international company with offices around the world, we promise to drive the biggest possible return for your PPC spend. We’ll ensure your brand is visibile when potential customers are searching online and drive qualified leads and sales to your business.

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Accredited partnerships

We are a Google Premier Partner which means Google recognises us as being in the top 3% of agencies. We consistently maintain the highest standards to meet Google’s strict criteria. We also get access to our own Google Account Manager, plus any new tools and beta products before other agencies.

We are also accredited advertising partners with Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft Ads. We are recognised as having a deep understanding of these platforms and for our high levels of competency in managing campaigns at scale for our customers.
London Irish stadium header for London PPC agency case study

PPC London case study

London Irish Rugby Football Club approached us to help sell tickets for the St Patrick’s Day event.
Working with their marketing team, we ran a PPC advertising campaign. This involved Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo. We also ran remarketing campaigns to attract returning visitors. This achieved 26.5m ad views, 44,000 clicks and 740 Facebook Page likes.

Our London PPC agency services

We offer a full range of PPC services spanning the entire user journey. Do you want to raise awareness through display advertising? Engage more prospects through paid social media marketing? Or increase sales on Google Shopping? Whatever your requirements, we have all the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

Click on the PPC services to the right to find out more about each one.

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Amazon Advertising

As a certified Amazon advertising partner, we'll help you sell more products online.
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eCommerce PPC

Our eCommerce PPC specialists will help you sell more products across the major eCommerce platforms.
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Facebook Advertising

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we'll help you maximise your Facebook spend.
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Google Ads

Full Google Ads management service to help you get found online and generate leads.
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Landing Page Design

Stylish landing pages that will convert website traffic into customers.
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LinkedIn Advertising

Professional LinkedIn Ads management to help you drive awareness and leads.
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Microsoft Ads

Reach new audiences in areas your competitors haven’t yet bothered to explore.
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Pinterest Advertising

Tell your story visually and sell more products through Pinterest.
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PPC Consultancy

Our PPC consultants will ensure your campaigns are maximising ROI and minimising wasted spend.
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PPC Training

Professional PPC training from the best PPC experts in the industry.
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Reconnect with cutomers who have left your website or abandoned shopping baskets.
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TikTok Advertising

Our TikTok specialists will help you find your audience and sell more products.
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Twitter Advertising

Increase brand awareness and generate leads on Twitter to help your business grow.
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YouTube Advertising

Connect with your audience on the world's second largest search engine.
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To chat to us about your PPC advertising campaigns, contact our London PPC agency on 0207 788 7138.

Benefits of appointing a London PPC agency

Benefits of appointing a London PPC agency

We opened our London offices because we know the importance of working with an agency in your local area. Especially one as unique and diverse as our capital. By working with a PPC company in London, you get a team of experts who understand the business landscape. Also what it takes to succeed in the capital. As a leading London PPC agency, we offer:

  1. Easier consultation for in-person meetings at our offices or agreed locations.
  2. Local knowledge of London’s dynamic business climate and its diverse markets.
  3. Improved local pay per click at both borough and city levels for all your business locations.
  4. Greater transparency from an agency you can visit in-person.
When they tell you that they will be an extension of your team, that's the absolute truth. And, one of the many reasons why I strongly recommend VL for both SEO and PPC. They continue to deliver incredible results to us on both areas - sometimes with little notice and tight deadlines.
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

How we can help with your PPC

London squeezes enough diversity into its 32 boroughs to fill a small country. This means you have to take a laser-focused approach to paid advertising. This is a city where neighbouring postcodes can be worlds apart. You have to pinpoint your target audiences to get your message seen by the right people. We know how complex the business environment is here because we’ve got the data to prove it. But we’ve also got the technology to use these insights to place your ads in the most profitable places.
Are you a London company looking to maximise growth in the capital? Or are you based in the city and operating across the country? Our London PPC agency will help you increase revenue across every business location.
If you operate only in the capital, we can run localised PPC campaigns alongside your SEO. This will help you maximise your online presence when people in your area are looking to buy.
Are you in London and operating across the country? We can target customers in every location to maximise sales. Our PPC team will increase your brand awareness, alongside your organic search campaigns.
Stagecoach PPC case study header image showing children dancing
London PPC case study

How we took a PPC metric and turned it into powerful business insights

Using predictive analytics to forecast demand

We use this data to build predictive models. This allows us to attribute buying habits to external factors. We can then understand how your audiences respond to events such as Brexit or inflation. Once we’ve compiled enough data, we carry out extensive keyword research. We can then predict outcomes and optimise campaigns according to spending increases. We can even attribute consumer patterns to weather reports. Or sporting events, elections and royal weddings.
Using predictive analytics, we can forecast increased demand for your products or services. Then increase your bids to ensure your show ads at the most profitable times of the year. Or even the most profitable times of the day. We’ve developed our own bidding system that optimises your bids. This means your campaigns can react to market shifts in real-time.
These are just some of the reasons we are the leading PPC agency in London.

London PPC - our proven delivery process

Our PPC services are powered by industry-leading technology but advertising is about people. So, the first thing we do is get to know your business and what you need from a PPC strategy. This often happens with a cuppa and a casual chat at our or your office or a phone call, if it’s more convenient.
Next, we analyse your target audiences to learn about the people you want to do business with. We want to understand how they interact with your brand throughout their journey. We use this analysis to create buyer personas and define your target audiences. This is so that we can ensure the right people are seeing your ads. We run keyword analysis to understand what they’re using at each stage of the consumer journey. We also map out conversion goals as they progress along the funnel.
With our initial analysis complete, we launch your pay per click campaigns. We will select the channels most suitable for achieving your goals. Vertical Leap is the best Google Ads agency in London. But we’re also certified partners with Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. We can run campaigns on any other platform that will generate business for your company.
Once your campaigns are up and running, our software, Apollo Insights, tracks performance. It compiles data from external sources to identify keyword opportunities and trends. This analysis allows us to optimise for new opportunities and take full advantage. Our approach is much more effective than reacting to trends that have already peaked.
We use all targeting options on each platform to pinpoint your target audiences. We analyse pay per click campaign performance to identify the most profitable locations. We also track buying habits to learn when demand is highest for your products/services. We use these insights to optimise bids so your ads show at the most profitable times.

Our London PPC promise to you

Are you a local business based in London or a large corporation with a worldwide audience? Either way. we can help increase your online presence and drive traffic to your website. We have the top PPC talent in London and the best search marketing technology in the industry. This means we’ll ensure your PPC ads connect with the people who matter most to your business.

Our PPC methodology

Vertical Leap provides comprehensive PPC management for London companies. We optimise all five key areas of campaign performance:
  1. Relevance: Creating ads, landing pages and campaigns that match user intent.
  2. Incentive: Compelling users to click on your ads and take action on your website.
  3. Conversions: Maximising conversion rates at each stage of the funnel.
  4. Return on investment: Maximising the profitability of your PC campaigns.
  5. Attribution: Showing where ad spend generates value.

Our Test, Learn and Automate process achieves the best performance from campaigns. It will maximise return on investment through data-driven automation.

  • Test campaigns, ads and assets to maximise goal competitions at each stage of the funnel.
  • Learn from experiments and apply these insights to future campaigns. This allows us to achieve top performance faster.
  • Automate campaign settings, such as bid adjustments and ad scheduling. This means we can optimise performance in real-time.
We use our own automated bidding systems to get the most out of your budget. Our algorithms optimise your bids to show your ads at the most profitable times. This is based on sales volumes, campaign data and external data from sources such as the ONS and the Met Office. We use this data to map trends influencing campaign performance. These might be economic developments that impact spending habits. Or weather patterns that influence buying volumes for specific products/services.
Vertical Leap is the top provider of PPC management in London. Our expertise and technology will give you the edge you need over your competitors.

Other digital marketing services

Vertical Leap is the top paid search agency in London. But we also provide a range of other digital marketing services:
Strategic content marketing to enhance your brand story. We can take care of planning, creation, publishing and promotion.
Using automation and specialist expertise, we can achieve more scale than other agencies.
Data-driven analysis to improve the performance and conversion rates of your website.
Comprehensive analysis to pinpoint transformative business and digital marketing insights. Powered by our own intelligent automation technology and expert team of data scientists.
Beautiful websites built with the highest levels of user experience.
Our digital marketing strategy service will help you reach your business objectives.


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Help for Heroes
Mitchells & butlers
Sarah Raven
Waste Group

Find out how we can help your business

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility online or improve conversions through your website, we offer a range of services including SEO, PPC, web design & build, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media management, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs. To chat to one of the team,
email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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London - the digital marketing hub

London is Europe’s top equity capital market and one of the three financial capitals of the world. The city is also one of the world’s leading marketing hubs. This is second only to New York, and credited as the strongest startup ecosystem in Europe.
London is renowned for its red buses and black taxis, its iconic landmarks and one of the most alluring shopping districts in the world. The city has a global financial sector and more than 1.1 million private sector businesses that are responsible for more than 23% of the UK’s GDP. London’s business environment is as diverse as it is immense. Global names and independent ventures share the same streets.
London has the largest share of businesses in the UK, a thriving startup scene and international allure. It attracts the best marketing talent from across the country and the world. The city is also home to some of the best marketing agencies in the world. They work with companies throughout the city, the UK and global markets.
London’s Central Activities Zone (CAZ) is the centrepiece of the city’s economy. It is one of the top business locations in the world. This small, potent heartland of the capital generates almost 10% of the UK’s GDP and employs more than 1.7 million people. It provides around ⅓ of all jobs in the city.
Aside from being the financial and business capital of the UK, London is also the epitome of brand Britain for international travel. This was the UK’s fastest-growing industry for a decade before Covid-19. London accounts for 53% of all inbound tourism across Britain. It attracted 21 million international visitors in 2019 of a total 37.9m for the whole country.
If you need help with your search or digital marketing, contact us on [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a PPC agency in London can be a challenging task as there are many to choose from and it’s difficult to know which one is right for your business. Some key pieces of advice to follow are:

  • Work with a Google Premier Partner – these are companies that are recognised by Google as being in the top 3% of agencies with regards to their abilities and dedication to growing their customers’ PPC campaigns.
  • Check that all their PPC specialists are Google Ads qualified.
  • Ask about other paid advertising certified partnerships such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Ask for case studies demonstrating how they have helped companies similar to yours.
  • Speak to their customers and find out how happy they are with the service they receive. Are their campaigns performing well? If not, is there a roadmap in place to rectify this? Do they have visibility of what the agency is doing on their campaigns? What’s the customer service like?

When choosing a London PPC agency, here are some questions you can ask (in addition to the ones listed in the above question):

  • What reporting will we get?
  • What SLAs do you have with customers?
  • What performance metrics will you put in place?
  • How do you minimise wasted spend?
  • What automation do you use?

For more help, check out this blog: 13 questions to ask your next PPC agency

The price you pay for PPC will depend on a number of factors, including: how competitive your industry is, what you want to achieve and how soon, which platforms you want to advertise on etc. Also the management fee structure of the PPC agency – some offer a fixed rate and others charge a percentage of spend. If you would like a bespoke quote from our team, email us at [email protected].

In most cases, unless you have the specific know-how in house about how to optimise the various PPC channels and get the best possible return for your investment, then it’s very worthwhile appointing an agency to manage your PPC campaigns.

For years, the criteria to become a Google Premier Partner allowed hundreds of agencies to claim the status, but in 2022 Google revamped its partnership programme to make it more exclusive. Now, it is only awarded to the top 3% of agencies so is a much more exclusive tier.

We are delighted to be a Google Premier Partner, and this is how Google explains the status: “These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships and helping their current clients to grow.’