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Why choose Vertical Leap?

If you’re looking for a London SEO agency, Vertical Leap is home to some of the country’s top search marketing talent. We know how important it is to have an agency in your local area, especially in a city as unique and dynamic as London. That’s why we have offices in the heart of the capital.
Vertical Leap launched in 2001 from our head offices in Portsmouth. We’ve been providing professional SEO services across the country for more than 20 years. We opened our London offices in 2015 to better serve our customers in the city. It’s also handy those further north, who often travel to London.
We have been providing SEO services in London for over six years. Our London SEO experts have the skills and know-how to help you thrive online.
KFC restaurant

London SEO case study

KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain. It has 24,000 restaurants in over 145 countries and territories around the globe!
KFC enjoys phenomenal success worldwide. But they still see the value in a well-executed search engine optimisation strategy. We have been helping them with their restaurant marketing campaigns. Our role was to create a solid and future-proofed SEO foundation, as well as improving their SEO at a local level.


Our London SEO agency services

We offer a full range of SEO services. These range from local SEO and international SEO, through to penalty recovery. With the best minds in the industry, we will help you hit your SEO objectives and achieve the highest ROI.
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Amazon SEO

Increase your visibility and maximise sales on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform.
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App Store Optimisation

Our app store optimisation services will help you get found in the major app stores.
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eCommerce SEO

Professional, high quality eCommerce SEO services to help you sell more online.
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Enterprise SEO

SEO services for large businesses that have big or complex websites.
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International SEO

Ensure customers in the countries you operate can find and engage with your business.
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Local SEO

Local SEO services to help you get found at a local level and drive more footfall to your door.
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Mobile SEO

Effective mobile SEO services to ensure your website is visible in the mobile-first era.
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Penalty Recovery

We'll diagnose and fix penalties and protect your website for the future.
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Podcast SEO

Ensure your podcast ranks well in the search engines and build a loyal audience of regular listeners.
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SEO Audits

Our SEO audit services will identify issues before they damage your search ranking.
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SEO Training

Professional SEO training courses from some of the best SEO minds in the industry.
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Technical SEO

Fix problems with your website that are preventing it from doing well in the search engines.
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Voice Search

Identify new keywords and ensure your content is optimised for spoken queries.
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Website Migration

All the support you need when updating your website to ensure no drop in performance.
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If you want to chat about your search engine optimisation, contact our London SEO agency on 0207 788 7138.

Benefits of appointing a London SEO agency

Benefits of appointing a London SEO agency

London is like a country squeezed into city borders with enough diversity to fill a nation. You need to work with an SEO agency in London that understands the city’s business, but there are other reasons too:
  1. Easy consultation for face-to-face meetings with your own London SEO agency.
  2. Local knowledge of London’s dynamic business climate and its diverse markets.
  3. Improved local SEO at both borough and city levels for all your business locations.
  4. Greater transparency and communication from an agency you can meet with face-to-face.
When they tell you that they will be an extension of your team, that's the absolute truth. And, one of the many reasons why I strongly recommend VL for both SEO and PPC. They continue to deliver incredible results to us on both areas - sometimes with little notice and tight deadlines.
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

How we can help with your SEO

London’s business landscape is unlike any other in the country. There are more than 300 languages spoken every day across the city’s 32 boroughs. Vertical Leap has helped hundreds of businesses in the capital maximise growth. We can help you increase SEO visibility and gain a better understanding of your audience. So, if you’re a London business that wants to be on the first page of Google, you’re in the right place.
Are you a London company looking to maximise business in the city? Or a London-based company operating nationwide? Either way, we have the team and technology ready to drive growth by turning traffic into revenue.
If your business operates only in London, we focus on building your local London SEO presence. We will increase foot traffic and online engagement from customers in your locations.
We can combine local SEO services with content and PPC campaigns to maximise reach. This means we can exploit the strong buying intent of local searches. So wherever your business locations are, we will bring customers to your doorstep.
If you are in London but operate nationwide, we apply the same local SEO strategy to every location. By increasing visibility, we can build brand awareness and drive customer visits.
Restaurant interior
London SEO case study

79% increase in table bookings from ‘near-me’ searches

Our SEO technology

Our SEO technology

As SEO becomes more competitive, extensive data analysis is the only way to get the edge in your industry. If you want to climb up the search engine results, you must find new opportunities before your rivals. That way, you can optimise for the keywords before others do and capture the traffic.
To solve this problem, we built our own software, called Apollo Insights. It analyses thousands of data points about your website to identify new opportunities. It then prioritises these as areas to focus on before your competitors discover them. For example, Apollo might discover emerging long-tail keywords that are gaining search volume. This allows us to optimise for them before other keyword tools suggest them to your rivals.
This technology powers our London SEO services to find opportunities for our customers. A crucial advantage in the world’s most competitive business environment.

London SEO - our proven delivery process

Vertical Leap delivers highly-recommended SEO services in London using industry-leading search marketing technology. We start by getting to know your business and your goals so we can determine what you need from an SEO strategy.
Next, we move to the analysis stage, kicking off with a website audit. We assess the health of your site and identify any technical problems that need fixing. For example, slow loading times or broken links. Then, we analyse your existing SEO campaign and any strategies you already have in place. We measure where performance is on track and where you need to improve. We also identify any new opportunities you’re not yet exploiting.
This analysis takes other agencies weeks to do but our software Apollo Insights does it in hours. Apollo continues to do this, finding new opportunities for your business. It compiles data from your website and other sources to identify keyword opportunities. It also spots search trends and gaps in your content marketing strategy. This means that your SEO presence is always growing.
This automation means we spend less time compiling reports and more time putting insights into action. So we can deliver more value in a shorter space of time than most agencies. It also means we provide some of the most affordable SEO services in London.
Communication and transparency are at the heart of our relationships with customers. A key benefit of hiring a London SEO agency is having a team of specialists in your local area. This makes it easy to hold face-to-face meetings and consultations. We know how important your time is (and how long it takes to get anywhere in this city!) so we don’t hold in-person meetings for the sake of it. We produce monthly reports so you can see everything that’s happening with your SEO strategy. You will always be aware of the impact it’s having on your business objectives.
We ensure you have all the information you need to hand. And you’ll know you’ve got the best SEO agency in London on call when you need us.

Our London SEO promise to you

Are you a local business based in London or a large corporation with a worldwide audience? Either way, we can achieve fantastic search engine results for your business. With the top SEO experts in London, we’ll ensure customers find your business online.

Professional SEO services London - our SEO methodology

As the top London SEO specialists, we have a proven method that works. These are the five building blocks of SEO we’ll optimise to help you succeed:
  1. Relevance: Content that matches the interests of your target audiences.
  2. Authority: Being visible in many places increases trust and authority.
  3. Site health: Search engines favour well-kept, working, and fresh websites.
  4. Competition: Finding opportunities to beat your competitors in the SERPs.
  5. Usability: Delivering an on-site experience worthy of ranking in the top positions.
Next, we use our Fix, Boost, Fill process to address issues holding back your search rankings. We’ll improve site performance and fill any gaps in your search marketing strategy.
  • Fix what’s broken – technical SEO to make the site more accessible for search engines.
  • Boost what you have – improve how well existing content and keywords perform.
  • Fill the gaps – create a strategy to find areas for which the website has no visibility.
Why SEO still matters

Why SEO still matters

Every year, someone in the industry claims SEO is dead, but SEO is still the top channel for driving traffic. This has been the case for more than 20 years since we launched Vertical Leap. Sure, it’s getting harder to rank in the top positions but that’s why a data-led SEO strategy is key. It will ensure you identify new opportunities early on.
Google tells us that roughly 15% of daily queries are completely new. This means new opportunities are always emerging. The challenge is finding them before everyone else does. Once others are competing for the same opportunities, it’s difficult to get the edge.
Our technology finds these opportunities before mainstream SEO tools. That means you can claim the top positions ahead of your rivals.
Seizing new opportunities is important but you also have to maintain your position. You need to protect your SEO ranking to stop competitors overtaking you. This can be diffiicult for the most competitive keywords. By automating the analysis and reporting, we can provide the top SEO services in London to help you maintain your edge. It also means we can keep costs lower than other London agencies.
The pandemic revealed that the ongoing value of SEO is better than any other channels. Most strategies stop producing value when investment is paused as we saw in the pandemic. But your SEO campaign will continue to capture opportunities over time. This shows the importance of an on-going SEO strategy for any business that wants to succeed.

Get a free SEO health check

If you’re not doing regular SEO health checks on your website, it will be under-performing. Our free SEO health check will reveal powerful insights to restore it to maximum health.

Other digital marketing services

Vertical Leap is the premier SEO agency in London. We also provide a range of digital marketing services, including:
Strategic content to enhance your marketing campaigns. This will supercharge your search engine results and engage your audience. We can take care of planning, creation, publishing and promotion.
We are a Premier Google Partner and all our PPC specialists are Google-certified.
Data-driven analysis to improve the performance of your website or other digital products.
Comprehensive analysis to reveal valuable business and marketing insights. Powered by our own intelligent automation technology and expert team of data scientists.
Beautiful websites built with the greatest levels of user experience.

Our clients

Help for Heroes
Mitchells & butlers
Sarah Raven
Waste Group

London - a digital marketing hub

London is home to more than 1.1 million private sector businesses, making up around 20% of the UK’s entire business population. As one of the world’s financial capitals, the city is also the most dynamic business environment in the country. Global names and micro-businesses operate within walking distance. This diversity shows in the boroughs and people of London, which is unique from any other part of the country.
The scale of the city’s business landscape and the range of enterprises here attracts top talent from across the UK and abroad. London ranks among the top cities in the world for marketing and has some of the best talent and agencies. They work with companies in the city, across the country and overseas.
As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that London is also Europe’s capital for marketing events and conferences. The city holds many events throughout the year. These include the UK Search Awards, the B2B Marketing Expo and the Marketing Technology Expo. Many take place at the iconic ExCeL London venue.
London’s Central Activities Zone is the heart of the city’s economy. It is one of the most competitive business locations in the world. The centre generates almost 10% of the UK’s entire economic output and employs more than 1.7 million people across businesses of every size. Landmarks and financial giants stand across the street from art venues and shopping districts.
In London, the city itself is the brand and this is the location in the UK to do business.
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