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5 conversational UI examples from the best travel bots


5 conversational UI lessons from the best travel bots

by • September 22nd 2017

The first wave of chatbots gave us a glimpse of what the technology can do, but there was one thing consistently holding them back – conversational UI design. The travel industry has seen a lot of chatbots come and go over the last year with a number of tough lessons learnt along the way. As machine learning advances and conversational UI...

Attribution: Are you measuring PPC non-brand conversions wrong?


Are you measuring PPC non-brand conversions wr...

by • September 18th 2017

While it’s true that branded search terms are far more likely to convert, they’re in short supply compared to non-branded queries. Unless you’re already an established brand, the majority of your traffic...


The ultimate SEO glossary

by • September 13th 2017

As search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to evolve, the key terms and phrases we need to know also change. So, as a UK agency providing SEO services, we thought it would be...
Digital marketing news and what it means for marketers - Sept 2017


Search marketing news and what it means for ma...

by • September 6th 2017

If you’ve just bid farewell to ‘school holiday mode’ and feel you need a quick catch-up on the latest search and digital news, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  In this month’s digital marketing...

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