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What can machine learning do for me right now in marketing?


What can machine learning do for me right now in marketing?

by • March 16th 2018

It’s no longer a question of whether machine learning is ready for marketing, it’s a question of whether marketers are ready to make the most of it. Yet, many practitioners still have mixed feeling about this much-hyped technology. Is machine learning still incubating or is it already in work places? In this post, we outline what is already being achieved with machine learning in...

Why your website needs a top-notch user experience


Are you taking UX design seriously enough?

by • March 12th 2018

Back in the old days of web design, we would design a site, put the necessary code together and then upload it to the internet. Job done. It was very much a...


What we learned from 9.7 million search querie...

by • March 7th 2018

Now you can forecast your traffic from organic search results, because we have recorded the average click-through rate at different positions in search results using 9.7 million distinctive queries.
How to check content quality of a website

Content Marketing

How to check the quality of your website conte...

by • February 28th 2018

We all know quality content is essential to a winning SEO strategy but how do you measure something like ‘quality’? In this article, we’re going to start by defining what quality content...

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