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How to increase brand awareness with Facebook advertising

by • January 17th 2017

Not long ago, we looked at how to increase brand awareness with Google AdWords and it only seems right to follow up with a similar post on Facebook advertising. This is where Facebook excels: in getting your brand seen by a wider audience of people. However, there’s more to increasing brand awareness than simply get your message out there. You want...



5 reasons retail marketers are going nuts over...

by • January 10th 2017

Chatbots are making a big impact on the marketing industry, we look at the way they are changing the way that users buy products both online and offline.
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Search marketing news and what it means for ma...

by • January 4th 2017

Welcome to our search marketing news round up to kick-start January 2017. We look at the marketing trends and updates that we can expect in 2017.
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Is your PPC strategy making the most of travel...

by • December 29th 2016

The web has revolutionised the way people travel. Your PPC strategy should be making the most of Google micro moments, specific to the travel industry.

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