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SEO best practice for images and video content


SEO best practices for images and video content

by • July 20th 2017

The role of visual content in SEO is bigger than many marketers fully understand. It’s widely accepted that Google prefers content which includes visuals and we know it makes things more engaging for users. This has a knock-on effect with other SEO signals like time on site, bounce rate and shares. Sadly, this only counts if you optimise your visuals for...

Six things you need to tell your next SEO agency in the SEO brief


Six things you need to tell your next SEO agen...

by • July 13th 2017

When you hire an SEO agency, you’re not only looking for search marketing experts. You’re also looking for a team to become experts on your business and the people it needs to...
Travel UX issues


5 ways to improve travel UX with Google Analyt...

by • July 10th 2017

Many travel brands have a poor reputation when it comes to user experience (UX). We’ve all come across those annoying forms, endless checkout processes and questionable mobile experiences while trying to sort out...
Search Marketing News - July 2017


Search marketing news and what it means for ma...

by • July 3rd 2017

This month we’re looking at how long it takes for a website to start ranking in Google, Google My Business, Bing Ads competitor metrics, Gmail messages and ‘SEO the Movie’! How long...

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