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Why Vertical Leap Portsmouth?

If you’re looking for an SEO company in Portsmouth, Vertical Leap brings the country’s top marketing talent to your doorstep. We understand the value of working with a local agency with Portsmouth offices to build a close working relationship and hold face-to-face meetings – something we love to do with customers.

Vertical Leap started life in 2001 with an office in Hampshire Terrace, (which is actually counted as Southsea, for Portsmouth people in the know), before moving to our current offices in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 2009. After 20 years of providing high quality, professional SEO services in Portsmouth, the wider Hampshire area and along the southern coast, we have the local experience and technical expertise to provide the top SEO services in the region.

SEO Portsmouth case study for Hughes & Salvidge

Portsmouth SEO case study

We have worked together with Portsmouth-based demolition specialists Hughes & Salvidge for many years, helping them increase their visibility online. Working closely with their marketing department, our SEO, PPC, content marketing and data teams have helped them create a strong nationwide presence, achieving a 147% increase in organic traffic and a 45% decrease in PPC costs.

Our Portsmouth SEO services

We offer a wide range of SEO services from local SEO (such as Google My Business), keyword research, page optimisation and podcast SEO through to app store optimisation, penalty recovery and mobile SEO. By combining SEO specialists with the best SEO technology in the industry, you will be in good hands.

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Amazon SEO

Increase your visibility and maximise sales on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform.
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App Store Optimisation

Our app store optimisation services will help you get found in the major app stores.
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eCommerce SEO

Professional, high quality eCommerce SEO services to help you sell more online.
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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO services for large businesses that want to scale their campaigns with efficiency.
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International SEO

Maximise your visibility across multiple countries and engage locally with relevant content.
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Local SEO

Local SEO services to help you increase online visibility at a local level and drive more footfall to your door.
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Mobile SEO

Effective mobile SEO services to ensure your website is highly visible in the mobile-first era
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Penalty Recovery

Organic penalty diagnosis, fixes and maintenance to help your website get back on track.
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Podcast SEO

Ensure your podcast ranks well in the search engines and build a loyal audience of regular listeners.
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SEO Audits

Our SEO audit services will identify issues before they damage your search ranking.
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SEO Training

Professional SEO training courses from industry-leading organic search marketing specialists.
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Technical SEO

Fix hidden issues that might be preventing your site from getting maximum visibility in the search results.
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Voice Search

Identify new long tail keywords and ensure your content is optimised for spoken user queries.
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Website Migration

Migrate your website with minimal disruption to search ranking, functionality and revenue.
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Benefits of hiring an SEO agency in Portsmouth

Benefits of hiring an SEO agency in Portsmouth

Having worked with companies across Portsmouth and Hampshire since 2001, we know the local business environment and what it takes to build a successful SEO presence here. The benefits of working with an SEO agency in Portsmouth include:

  1. Easier consultation for in-person meetings, presentations and document exchanges.
  2. Local search knowledge of the area and how it’s affected by external factors.
  3. Improved local SEO with greater understanding of your business locations, local audiences and connections in your area.
  4. Greater transparency from an agency you can visit, meet face-to-face and connect with.
Vertical Leap have been fantastic with supporting us with ongoing SEO services, very knowledgeable and willing to help with any queries. Thank you!
Verisona Law, Portsmouth

How we can help with your SEO

We’ve managed search engine optimisation strategies for hundreds of local businesses over the years and we see, first-hand, how the evolution of search impacts companies here – both good and bad. We know the goalposts in SEO work are constantly moving (thanks, Google!) but we’ve also been there to help our customers overcome challenges and exploit new opportunities, every step of the way.

Whether you’re a Portsmouth company looking to target the local market, or a company based in Hampshire with a national audience, our SEO Portsmouth team has the know-how, data and technology to help you maximise online reach and turn search rankings into profitable business.

If your business only operates in the Portsmouth or Hampshire area, we focus our efforts on building your local search presence and running SEO campaigns for target audiences in the surrounding areas. We reinforce this with localised content and local PPC campaigns to maximise reach across the entire customer journey and take full advantage of the high purchase intent local searches typically have.

If your business is based in Portsmouth and operates across the country, we build your local SEO presence in every area with stores or physical locations. These local search strategies drive visits to your business locations while we build a nationwide SEO presence to maximise brand awareness among your target audience.

If your business also operates online, we optimise online channels at the national level to maximise reach while simultaneously running local campaigns to prioritise the most profitable places for your business.

Restaurant interior
SEO agency Portsmouth case study

79% increase in table bookings from ‘near-me’ searches

Our SEO technology

Our SEO technology

SEO requires a huge amount of analysis – more than ever before. Most businesses struggle to find a competitive advantage because they lack the means of analysing enough data to find the right opportunities before everyone else has already taken them.

At Vertical Leap, we have our own market-leading intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, which compiles data from your website and hundreds of other data sources to unveil the full picture of your search marketing (and wider online marketing) performance.

We can see where your pages are ranking, where they’re not (but should be) and map out a course of action to make the strongest positive impact on your search ranking in the shortest space of time. For example, we might identify a series of “low-hanging fruit” opportunities you’re not exploiting and target these first to give your search ranking a quick boost while we put more ambitious plans in place for your long-term search engine optimisation goals.

SEO Portsmouth - our proven delivery process

At Vertical Leap, we use a data-driven process to deliver SEO services to all of our customers, powered by our own intelligent automation technology Apollo Insights. First, we get to know your business and what you need from an SEO strategy, which starts with a casual chat and a cuppa at our office or a chat over the phone.

Next, we audit your website to detect any technical SEO issues that need addressing, such as broken links or duplicate content. We also assess your existing SEO and content marketing strategies to identify what’s working, what isn’t and opportunities that aren’t being taken. We use Apollo Insights to run these processes automatically. This removes most of the time and cost involved in analytics, powering your world-class data analysis without the expense of hiring a team of data scientists. Apollo gathers data about your site, identifies target keywords, analyses your competitors and surfaces AI-driven insights.

Communication plays a key role throughout the relationship with our customers and a key benefit of hiring an SEO agency in Portsmouth is having us in the local area when you need us. At the same time, we don’t want meetings and consultations to take up your valuable time, which is why we produce monthly reports to show you exactly what’s happening with your SEO strategy and how it’s working towards your business goals. This way, you’re always informed and able to view the reporting data that shows you’re getting the top Portsmouth SEO services possible.

Our SEO Portsmouth promise to you

Whether you’re a locally-focused business based in Portsmouth or a large corporation with a worldwide audience, we can help in crease your visibility online and drive qualified leads to your business.  Through a combination of clever-minded SEO experts and the best SEO software in the industry, we will ensure that people find your business when they are searching online.

Our SEO methodology

Our tactics tie in with the key areas affecting the performance of your campaign.

  • Relevance: Content should match what people are looking for.
  • Authority: Being talked about in multiple places increases trust and authority.
  • Site health: Search engines favour well-kept, working, and fresh websites.
  • Competition: The activities of your competitors will affect your performance.
  • Usability: Search engines prefer to recommend websites that offer a good user experience.

We then use our Fix, Boost, Fill technique to apply what your site needs to make it grow and perform in the areas that have been identified. Whether your site is a local trade or an international eCommerce site, these techniques scale to fit your requirements.

  • Fix what’s broken – Technical SEO to make the site more accessible for search engines.
  • Boost what you have – Improve how well existing content and keywords perform.
  • Fill the gaps – Create a strategy to find areas for which the website has no visibility.
Why SEO still matters

Why SEO still matters

Despite frequently hearing that SEO is dead, search remains the most important channel for generating organic traffic, more than 20 years after we started in this industry. Admittedly, it’s more difficult than ever to rank in the top organic positions in search, which is why it’s so important to have a technology-driven SEO strategy that identifies new opportunities quickly to ensure you achieve the return on investment you require.

If anything, SEO has never mattered more as search engines place an increased importance on user experience, page performance and engagement in their algorithms. To maximise your SEO presence and conversion rates, you have to demonstrate that your pages not only deliver the best content for any given query but also an experience that deserves to rank in the top positions.

Keep in mind also that SEO is an ongoing activity – if you want to stay at the top you need to work hard to maintain your position, otherwise, your competitors will soon take your place. Competition in the search results is fierce so you need to constantly unearth new and niche opportunities to get the edge over your competitors.

The pandemic revealed the true value of SEO as companies pulled spend on advertising campaigns and other strategies. While most channels stop producing value when budgets are paused, SEO continues to bring opportunities to your business and the same search data used to optimise your online presence reveals business insights that can help you survive – or thrive – during the most difficult of times.

Other digital marketing services

Over the years, we have added additional services, and if you need them (now or at a later date), then we can scale up your online marketing campaigns. Popular add-ons are:

Content Marketing
Strategic content to enhance your brand story and share on social media – we can take care of planning, creation, publishing and promotion.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
We are a Premier Google Partner and all of our PPC specialists are Google-certified.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Data-driven analysis to improve the performance of your website or other digital products.

Design and Build
Beautiful websites built with optimum levels of user experience to satisfy the changing behaviours of your visitors.

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