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People are searching for businesses like yours every day. Our SEO services connect you with more of them by building visibility where they’re most active and capturing their attention at the pivotal moments in the customer journey.
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SEO in the age of multichannel search

Google ruled the search landscape for over two decades, but times are evolving. Now, your audience’s time and attention are split across more search platforms than ever. Entire audiences spend more time on YouTube than anywhere else, others use TikTok as their main search engine and, for many, Amazon is the go-to place for product searches.

Google is still the biggest search engine but your audience is interacting with competitors in plenty of other locations.

Every year, we’re seeing more consumer journeys take place outside of Google and traditional search. They might start their journey on social media, jump over to YouTube for product reviews, ask a bunch of questions in Reddit and then buy from an online marketplace after reading through customer reviews.

SEO is now a game of being visible in the right places, at the right moments and capturing attention through meaningful interactions – the kind that influence buying decisions.

Our SEO services

We provide the full suite of SEO services using the latest technology and data-driven methodologies. Whether you’re a small business, an online startup or an enterprise brand, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a bigger business through search marketing.

Technical SEO services

Technical SEO

Stop technical issues like broken links, slow loading times and duplicate content from hurting your search visibility.

Mobile SEO services

Mobile SEO

Offer users a fully-optimised mobile experience to ensure their visits turn into leads, sales or other business opportunities.

Local SEO services

Local SEO

Reach people looking for nearby businesses like yours and capture web traffic, store visits, phone calls or online bookings.

International SEO services

International SEO

Maximise visibility in every target market while capturing attention with campaigns that speak to every audience in their language.

Enterprise SEO services

Enterprise SEO

Build a search presence that drives enterprise-level growth with SEO services designed for large and complex websites.

Ecommerce services

eCommerce SEO

Optimise your website, product listings and off-site presence to inspire and capture attention everywhere that matters.


TikTok SEO

Take advantage of existing brand visibility, reach a wider audience and take more control over your brand's narrative.


YouTube SEO

Reach your audience and capitalise on the opportunities video can bring to brand visibility and audience engagement.


Instagram SEO

Increase reach by ensuring your activity is optimised so your posts reach your audience and contribute to driving brand traffic.


App Store Optimisation

Ensure your app is optimised for organic search and provides insights for Google and Apple app stores.


Digital PR

Build your authority, off-page optimisation and brand reach with digital PR, fuel for your SEO strategy.


Content SEO

From big linkable assets to data-driven blog content, we can help support your organic growth with SEO for content.

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79% increase in table bookings from ‘near-me’ searches

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Your audience is making moves – with or without you

Your target audience moves between search platforms as they navigate consumer journeys. They’re actively searching and discovering across social media, online marketplaces, comparison sites, mobile apps, review sites, community forums and plenty more – as well as traditional search. Being visible where your audience is active has never been more important (or challenging). However, simply being visible isn’t enough when your audience’s attention is split across so many platforms. Aside from being present in the right places, you have to pinpoint the key moments of influence and capture their attention with messages that cut through the noise.

Where is your audience active?

Know the search platforms your target audiences use throughout the consumer journey – from the first movement of discovery through to conversion.

Why do they use each platform?

Understand the intent of your audience as they use each search platform and how their intent changes through each stage of the consumer journey.

What captures their attention?

Determine what captures your audience’s attention at the key moments, because everything else is forgotten.

Your audience sees ads and marketing messages everywhere they turn. Marketing fatigue is a growing problem as users adopt more platforms that are all competing for their attention. Cutting through the noise has never been more difficult, but this is the challenge every brand needs to overcome. Knowing the where, why and what behind your audience’s search journey is key to capturing their attention with impactful messages – in the right place, at the right time.

Turn visibility into valuable actions

When 96% of content gets no traffic from Google, and users are overwhelmed by marketing messages, visibility without meaningful interaction counts for nothing. You need an SEO strategy that turns visibility into valuable actions, in line with your marketing goals.

1. Set your SEO goals

Set ambitious, achievable SEO goals that make a real impact on business performance.

2. Find your target audiences

Discover which search platforms your target audiences are active on with our Audience Locator Tool.

3. Understand the roles different platforms play

Understand each platform’s role in the user journey by analysing user behaviour, preferences, and interactions across different touchpoints.

4. Pinpoint the key interactions

Identify the search moments and interactions that influence your target audiences’ buying decisions – across every platform.

5. Capture attention where it matters, when it matters

Capture your audiences’ attention at the key moments, wherever they’re active, as they move between different search platforms.

Mitchells and Butlers engaged with the Vertical Leap SEO team to grow search visibility for 350+ restaurants. They've achieved the goals we set and we’ve since expanded the services they provide to include many more of our brands.

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SEO services backed by data and evidence

Everything we do at Vertical Leap is backed by evidence. Our SEO services are powered by extensive analysis, performed by class-leading technology and our team of SEO specialists. We use artificial intelligence to automate high-level analysis on a huge scale. This provides our data science and SEO teams with concentrated insights – all of the good stuff; none of the fluff. With this mix of automation and expertise, we can analyse every SEO opportunity but only dedicate resources to the most valuable ones for you.

Once we’ve gathered valuable SEO insights, it’s crucial to consolidate and integrate them effectively through clear project management practices. This involves synthesising the data to identify key trends, priorities, and actionable recommendations, which can then be translated into concrete tasks and milestones. Clear communication, goal-setting, and resource allocation are essential components of successful SEO project management, ensuring that SEO insights are implemented efficiently to drive tangible results.

Find out how we can help your business

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility online or improve conversions through your website, we offer a range of services including SEO, PPC, web design & build, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media management, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs. To chat to one of the team,
email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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752% return on ad spend for PPC campaigns
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51% increase in SEO-driven revenue
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79% increase in table bookings from ‘near-me’ searches
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Frequently asked questions

When appointing an SEO agency, you must identify how credible they are. There are lots of agencies who have poor reputations but this can be hard to determine by their website. Check out their customers and Google reviews – even ask to speak to one for a reference. Question the SEO agency on their processes and technology. You want to understand how much SEO work is required to help you hit your objectives. And how much of your budget will be spent on manual tasks that should be automated. Ask about their reporting and to see an example report. Also what roadmap they will put in place to ensure you achieve the return on investment you need. A good SEO agency will be open and honest about their procedures and customers. This should give you confidence to appoint them.

We offer the full range of SEO services including: Amazon SEO, app store optimisation, eCommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, international SEO, local SEO, mobile SEO, penalty recovery, podcast SEO, SEO audits, technical SEO, voice search, SEO training and SEO support with website migration.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. This was a perfect description for the strategy that emerged shortly after the birth of early search engines. Today, optimising for search engines is still the main function of SEO but the real priority is optimising for business and marketing goals (purchase, conversions, leads, etc.). Modern SEO also has to optimise for the end user. It considers many on-page factors and your ability to convert traffic into paying customers.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, operates by improving a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) through strategies such as on-page and off-page optimisation. On-page tactics involve optimising elements like meta tags, keywords, content, and site structure, while off-page techniques focus on factors like backlinks and social signals. Search engines use algorithms to assess websites based on relevance, authority, and user experience, and SEO aims to align with these algorithms by adhering to best practices. Ultimately, SEO’s goal is to increase website visibility, attract qualified leads, and convert them into customers by optimising for both search engines and user intent, ensuring long-term success in the digital landscape.

An SEO agency will help your brand get found online. They should take time to understand your audience and objectives, then put together a strategy to ensure that when your audience is searching for the products and services you offer, that your website is presented to them on Google (or in other search engines). This involves hundreds of tasks and ongoing optimisation such as technical SEO, local SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, user experience etc.


Data-led SEO refers to an approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) that relies heavily on data analysis and insights to inform decision-making and strategy implementation. This methodology involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data related to website performance, user behavior, keyword trends, competitor activity, and other relevant metrics. By leveraging data-driven insights, practitioners of data-led SEO can identify opportunities, prioritize efforts, and optimise strategies to maximize organic search visibility and drive sustainable results. This approach emphasizes the use of data to refine and adapt SEO tactics continuously, ensuring alignment with search engine algorithms and meeting the evolving needs and preferences of users. Ultimately, data-led SEO empowers businesses to make informed decisions, achieve higher search engine rankings, and enhance overall digital marketing performance.

The cost of an SEO agency can vary based on what you want to achieve as a company and how competitive your marketplace is. If you are a small business wanting to increase visibility at a local level, you might pay £600-£800 per month. But, if you are a nationwide or international company and want to increase visibility across the UK or abroad, you could pay £10k+ per month. We always quote on a case by case basic so email [email protected] if you’d like an idea of costs.

Definitely. An effective SEO strategy doesn’t generate traffic for the sake of it. Optimising your website increases opportunities by attracting visitors who want to buy from you. Google also pays a lot of attention to post-click metrics. This means SEO also has to optimise the on-page experience to maximise search visibility.

SEO will never die while search engines are the biggest source of business traffic. When people need information to help them make buying decisions, they turn to search engines like Google. This is where they’re most susceptible to influence. The SEO is dead cliche has been running for more than a decade – yet this remains the most important channel for online business.

We hear this a lot. There are loads of SEO agencies that don’t have the skills or technology to deliver good SEO services. If you’ve been burned before by an SEO agency, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with another in the future. That’s why we have a completely open and honest way of working with our customers. You can log into our workstream system and see exactly what’s happening on your campaign at any time. We send regular reports and have regular catch ups so that you always know the status of your campaigns. Plus how your budget is being spent.