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Marketing for restaurants is very competitive. This is especially true at a local level where a strong local presence is key to driving customers to your tables and promoting your takeaway services. This means you can no longer rely on basic techniques to stand out from the crowd – you need to get clever with your digital marketing.
As an experienced restaurants marketing agency, we have a deep understanding of the challenges restaurants face. We have helped many well-known brands increase visibility of their restaurants and takeaway services online and ultimately increase table bookings and takeaway orders through advanced SEO and PPC techniques.
Mitchells and Butlers engaged with the Vertical Leap SEO team to grow search visibility for 350+ Harvester and Toby restaurants. They've achieved the goals we set and we’ve since expanded the services they provide to include many more of our brands.
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KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain with 24,000 restaurants in over 145 countries and territories around the globe!
Despite enjoying phenomenal success worldwide, they have always seen the value in a well-executed SEO strategy. We have helped them with their restaurant marketing to create a solid and future-proofed SEO foundation. We have also significantly improved their SEO at a local level – something that is key for chain restaurants.



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We always strive to offer the best digital marketing service in the industry, and our Google reviews reflect this. Our customers praise us time and time again for our high levels of professionalism, knowledge, quality of service and responsiveness.  Check out our reviews here.

So whether you’re an independent restaurant or a nationwide chain with restaurants across the country, we promise to deliver the best possible digital marketing service for your budget to help you get more bookings.

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How we're helping M&B

Mitchells & Butlers runs over 1,780 managed pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the United Kingdom. They needed a restaurants marketing agency to help them improve local search visibility for 350+ Toby Carvery and Harvester restaurants. This was a huge task given the amount of complex data involved.
We used our intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, to identify their biggest threats, opportunities and quick wins to help them attract more table bookings from ‘near me’ searches.

Our restaurant marketing services

Our restaurant marketing services include: SEO, PPC, website design, content marketing, digital marketing strategy, data & analytics, conversion rate optimisation, and training. So whatever challenges you’re facing, we have the skills and industry knowledge to help you get found and drive diners to your restaurant.

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Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility online or improve conversions through your website, we offer a range of services including SEO, PPC, web design & build, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media management, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs. To chat to one of the team,
email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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752% return on ad spend for PPC campaigns
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51% increase in SEO-driven revenue
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79% increase in table bookings from ‘near-me’ searches
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before diving into any details of your marketing plan, it’s helpful to make a list of questions you need to answer in order to create an effective strategy. Some key questions you should ask include:

  • How will my restaurant stand out from other restaurants in my area?
  • How do I acquire more customers and turn them into repeat business?
  • What are some ways I can streamline my processes so that customers get their food faster?
  • How do I use social media as a marketing tool?
  • How will I measure my results in order to ensure that what I’m doing is actually working?

Keeping these key points in mind before beginning any marketing efforts will help you create a stronger digital marketing strategy—and help your restaurant succeed!

If you’re looking to get your restaurant known, digital marketing can be a great way to accomplish that. However, with today’s hyper-connected environment, it can be hard to cut through all of your competition and really grab people’s attention. Here are some quick tips for how to use digital marketing effectively. With a little work, these strategies will help get people flocking to your business.

If you’re looking to attract new diners and customers, content marketing is a great way to cut through all of your competitors. With content marketing, you can create useful and interesting pieces of media that help teach people about what you have to offer without directly asking them to come visit.

With SEO, you can improve your visibility in local search results and make it easier for people to find your restaurant. If you can climb higher in search rankings, then more people will notice your business. Some of these tactics require a fair bit technical know-how, so make sure you get advice from someone who is experienced at helping restaurants with their digital marketing. For example, if you want to ensure that your website is visible when someone searches for restaurant on Google, then it’s important to have an optimised site with high-quality content that people want to read. A good starting point is checking out what other businesses in your area have done successfully so that you can learn from their strategies.

It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram rule social media channels when it comes to restaurants, but they aren’t always winners in terms of ROI. To help determine which channels work best for your brand, start by asking yourself a few questions: What are my current customers using? Where am I spending money right now? How can I get more people to visit my restaurant or call my restaurant so I can take their order (and serve them food)? If you’re answering those questions with platforms like Pinterest and Twitter, then make sure to consider those channels too.

Here are some specific reasons why restaurants might not be showing up in local search:

1) The phone number listed is incorrect or out-of-date. This happens more often than you might think and can be easily overlooked. Most businesses have multiple lines and extensions to support walk-in customers and take reservations/takeout orders. It’s important to keep these numbers updated and match them exactly to the ones listed on your website. If your customer service line has changed recently, make sure you verify it with Google Maps.

2) Your hours of operation aren’t accurate. Don’t forget to add holidays or other events that affect when you’re open and closed. Also, be sure to check if opening times are inaccurate.

3) You haven’t claimed your Google Business Profile yet. If you have more than one restaurant, be sure to claim a Google Business Profile for each and every one.

4) There isn’t enough meta data about the page. Make sure you fill out all available title tags, description tags and image alt text for every page that shows up in organic searches from keywords associated with your business type (ie – pizza restaurant).

5) You need pictures! Compelling images help with visibility and of course to drive calls and visits to your restaurant.

PPC marketing allows you to spend money on specific keywords that customers are already searching with, so you know exactly what people are looking for when they come across your ads. However, if you can only afford to spend a little bit of money on your restaurant’s marketing plan, then running PPC ads on Google might not be your best bet. Depending on how competitive your niche is, it can be hard to beat out bigger companies in paid search results without spending a fairly decent amount per day. If your budget is small, focus on social paid advertising where costs-per-click are typically lower.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer to how much SEO costs. There are many factors that go into a price quote. If you’re just getting started with SEO and need guidance, a small investment to help get you on track could be worthwhile. However, if you have an established brand or website, SEO will probably play a bigger role in your marketing mix—and that means it should also play a bigger role in your budgeting and decision-making process. Before deciding on which restaurant marketing agencies to work with, consider what kind of value they can bring to your business and what previous experience they have of helping restaurants get found online.