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Data analytics services offering real competitive advantage

Vertical Leap is a data analytics agency. We use predictive analytics and intelligent automation to provide you with unique insights. This gives you a competitive edge by unearthing opportunities you wouldn’t have found.
We use a range of clever techniques, such as sentiment analysis and attribution modelling. This allows us to make sense of huge amounts of data. We then deliver evidence-based insights that provide answers to the questions you have. This keeps your business growing and positions you ahead of the competition in your marketplace.
Vertical Leap are very data focused which meant the decisions they made for us generated a good return right from the offset We very quickly saw significant increases in traffic levels, organic transactions and organic revenue, and this trend looks set to continue.
Sarah Raven
Guests are at the centre of what we do, so creating a website which is easily discoverable in search engines is a high priority for us. Vertical Leap partnered with us to overcome the scale of our website and provide a better online guest experience for the thousands of guests that holiday with us every year. Vertical Leap is a valued partner, and we are proud of our ongoing relationship.
Help for Heroes
Mitchells and Butlers engaged with the Vertical Leap SEO team to grow search visibility for 350+ restaurants. They've achieved the goals we set and we’ve since expanded the services they provide to include many more of our brands.
Mitchells & Butlers
We use Vertical Leap to provide our PPC, SEO, content and creative work. We get a proactive service, and being able to login to Apollo Insights means we know everything that is happening.
Help for Heroes
We have been working with the team at Vertical Leap for the past year. We have created and launched a new website which, in just a matter of weeks started delivering excellent results. The team are professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.
When they tell you that they will be an extension of your team, that's the absolute truth. And, one of the many reasons why I strongly recommend VL for both SEO and PPC. They continue to deliver incredible results to us on both areas - sometimes with little notice and tight deadlines.
Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund
We were overwhelmed by the success of the campaign, the communication from the team at Vertical Leap was excellent. They really know their stuff and reached more people than we ever thought possible. We saw a massive spike in ticket sales after the campaign went live, we were tracking way ahead of last year’s sales throughout the campaign, so massive thank you for your work, we are VERY happy.
London Irish

Our data analytics services

We offer a wide range of data analytics services, from Google Analytics to visualisation and modelling. Whether you want to get your analytics in order, or create complex models to predict customer behaviour, we can help.

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Google Analytics

Track your digital marketing to ensure you make the best decisions for your business.
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Google Consent Mode V2

Ensure your website complies with Google's latest advertising policies.
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Data-Driven Attribution

Understand the role each of your digital channels is playing in your overall marketing.
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Data Visualisation

Gain powerful insights from your data to help you get the edge over your competitors.
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Propensity Modelling

Data models to help you understand your customers and predict behaviour.
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Sentiment Analysis

Find out what your customers think about you and use this data in your marketing.
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Data Visualisation Case Study

How we took a single PPC metric and turned it into powerful business insights.

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From basics to advanced

The key to effective marketing is ensuring that your data sources are clean and correct. If not, this can lead to inaccurate reporting and actions. Getting the basics right, such as Google Analytics, will ensure that every campaign is trackable across every channel. It will also attribute conversions correctly across all areas of your marketing matrix.
As a trusted data analytics agency, we can work with you to get more insights from your existing data. We do this using proven data science and machine learning techniques. We can also help you visualise your data so that you can provide understanding to stakeholders and customers.

Find out how we can help your business

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility online or improve conversions through your website, we offer a range of services including SEO, PPC, web design & build, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media management, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs. To chat to one of the team,
email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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51% increase in SEO-driven revenue
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Frequently Asked Questions

Data science is the discipline of collecting and analysing data to extract valuable insights that can inform smarter decisions. This is a broad field that inclues designing data models, developing algorithms and visualising data.

For marketers, data science helps us to make smarter business and marketing decisions. This includes identifying new opportunities, predicting new trends and learning lessons from success and failure.
Data science takes the guesswork out of marketing. It helps ensure that every part of your budget is used in the most effective way.

Data science is a broad term for all scientific disciplines that revolve around data – this includes machine learning. Artificial intelligence is one of the many disciplines that fall under data science. Machine learning is a subset of AI that involves training algorithms with large datasets to make decisions without human input.

Data analytics is another discipline within data science. It refers to the analysis of data with the aim of extracting meaningful insights that can be used to draw conclusions or inform decisions. Data visualisation is a key part of analytics, allowing humans to “see” patterns that we could never spot in raw data.