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We'll help you drive more leads from your content

We'll help you drive more leads from your content

As a UK-leading content marketing agency, our content marketing services play a crucial role in helping our customers get found online and drive highly-engaged prospects to their websites.

Our content marketing team can support you with everything from content planning and creation through to content promotion and wider digital PR activities. We have helped many well known brands including Help For Heroes, FatFace and P&O Cruises create high-quality, bespoke content portfolios that connect with their prospects and continue to build an engaged audience over time.

We use Vertical Leap to provide our PPC, SEO, content and creative work. They provide us with a pro-active service and being able to login to Apollo means we know everything that is happening.
Lexi Short - Digital marketing manager
Guests are at the centre of what we do, so creating a website which is easily discoverable in search engines is a high priority for us. Vertical Leap partnered with us to overcome the scale of our website and provide a better online guest experience for the thousands of guests that holiday with us every year. Vertical Leap is a valued partner, and we are proud of our ongoing relationship.
P&O Cruises
Mitchells and Butlers engaged with the Vertical Leap SEO team to grow search visibility for 350+ restaurants. They've achieved the goals we set and we’ve since expanded the services they provide to include many more of our brands.
Mitchells & Butlers
We have been working with the team at Vertical Leap for the past year. We have created and launched a new website which, in just a matter of weeks started delivering excellent results. The team are professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.
When they tell you that they will be an extension of your team, that's the absolute truth. And, one of the many reasons why I strongly recommend VL for both SEO and PPC. They continue to deliver incredible results to us on both areas - sometimes with little notice and tight deadlines.
Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund
We were overwhelmed by the success of the campaign, the communication from the team at Vertical Leap was excellent. They really know their stuff and reached more people than we ever thought possible. We saw a massive spike in ticket sales after the campaign went live, we were tracking way ahead of last year’s sales throughout the campaign, so massive thank you for your work, we are VERY happy.
London Irish

Our content marketing services

Our content marketing services include content strategy, content creation, content promotion and everything in between. We can help you identify what’s working and what’s not, breathe life into old content, optimise under-performing content and fill content gaps.

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Content Creation

From press releases to long-form guides, we apply journalistic expertise to creating quality brand content.
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Content Strategy

Grow your brand story through a content marketing strategy built for momentum.
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Content Promotion

Amplify your reach across social channels, promoting your content and building engagement.
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Content Marketing Agency Case Study

Content-led SEO strategy yields 883% increase in organic traffic

Data-driven content

Data-driven content

Content marketing continues to be at the heart of all other digital channels. After all, without content, your marketing campaigns have no context, meaning or purpose. But with so much data available and so much pressure on content teams to show a return; knowing what to write, for what platform and why, requires much more than gut feel and guesswork.

We are a data-driven content marketing agency. We use intelligent algorithms to remove guess work, algorithmically identifying what people are searching for, the commercial benefit, whether your site has that content already and the volume of demand. Based on this evidence, we create the exact piece of content they are looking for, resulting in better engagement, experience and return.

Magazine mindset

Magazine mindset

We apply the magazine mindset to the content we produce for you as well as the way we work. A team of editors, writers and designers work with you on a strategy and an editorial calendar, working on a range of content ideas. Each piece of content is created with the reader in mind, so that publication and promotion can follow through with purpose.

This journalistic approach to content marketing means we are able to research and produce content for any industry, no matter how technical or specialist your area of expertise. And we’re always keen to look beyond written content – such as infographics, video, podcasts and interactive content – if we feel this will help you better connect with your audience.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking to increase your visibility online and engage your audience but don’t have the resource in house to create content yourself, a content marketing agency can be a huge asset to your business. They will not only have large resource available to continually develop your content portfolio, but are also highly skilled at creating conversion-driven content that generates leads. A content marketing agency can also help create a content strategy for you and ensure that every piece of content you create aligns with your overall objectives and drives significant value back to the business.

Content marketing is the strategic creation and delivery of messages that capture the interest of your target audience. By understanding how the needs of your ideal customers change along the consumer journey, you can deliver content that addresses their needs at every stage, introducing your brand to new prospects and keeping them engaged throughout the buying process.

Content is the substance that connects your brand with real people. The modern consumer journey is longer and more complex than ever, meaning brands need to engage with prospects on a meaningful level before delivering any kind of sales pitch.

Content marketing bridges the gap between mild interest and strong purchase intent, allowing brands to legitimately engage with prospects at the earlier stages of the consumer journey, increase incentive and influence purchase decisions.

The best content marketing examples satisfy the needs of the company’s target audience, even if they’re not ready to make the purchase yet. For example, a company selling photo editing software can produce a library of photography and photo editing advice that genuinely addresses the interests of photographers while subtly showcasing the best of its product.

Content marketing is a multichannel strategy so in-depth blog posts on the company’s website can be reinforced with social posts promoting the content, remarketing ads promoting free downloads and video guides on YouTube to expand the audience even further.

“Content is king” refers to the role of content in every modern marketing strategy. Take the content out of SEO, social media, landing pages, etc. and all you’re left with is empty templates. The expression “content is king” has been overused to the point of becoming cliché but its meaning remains as relevant as ever.

Absolutely. Try growing your business without content marketing and you’ll quickly realise how important it is – not only as a standalone strategy but one that puts the meat on the bones of your other strategies. At a strategic level, it’s the content in every campaign that gets your message across and inspires users to take action.