Google Consent Mode V2

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Ensure your website complies with Google's latest advertising policies

Google Ads now requires advertisers to fully comply with cookie consent regulations if they want to measure conversions or utilise remarketing features. And, even if advertisers already secure cookie consent, they are now required to upgrade to Google Consent Mode V2 to align with the latest standards.

The repercussions of non-compliance are severe, ranging from not having access to critical campaign data to your campaigns no longer working and even complete suspension of your Google Ads account. If key data is no longer available to you, you will not be able to optimise your campaigns, leading to wasted budget and diminished return on ad spend.

If advertisers want to continue having access to key campaign data, without which you simply cannot optimise your campaigns, we highly recommend you are fully cookie-compliant using Google Consent Mode V2.

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google consent mode v2

What is Google Consent Mode V2?

Google Consent Mode V2 was introduced in November 2023, and is an updated version of the original Consent Mode developed by Google. It allows Google’s tags to dynamically adapt their behaviour based on the consent status of your users, only utilising cookies for the specified purposes when consent has been given. Using consent signals, Google then applies conversion modelling to recover lost conversions due to consent changes. This can recover some of your conversion data that would have been lost due to lack of cookie consent.

With Google Consent Mode V2, advertisers gain access to advanced features and improved algorithms that enable them to better understand audience preferences and deliver more relevant advertisements. This shift underscores the evolving demands of online advertising, where precision targeting and personalised content are paramount for driving engagement and maximising ROI. Embracing Google Consent Mode V2 not only ensures compliance with updated standards but also empowers you to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.


Our Google Consent Mode V2 Services

Free cookie compliance check

We check whether your website adheres to the key rules relating to cookie compliance.

Basic consent mode

If you don’t already have one, we will set up a consent management platform (CMP) to manage user consents and configure your website so that Google Analytics 4 tags, or other similar tags, do not fire until a user accepts cookies. We will also set up a consent flag to ensure that the user’s consent choices are communicated to Google.

Advanced consent mode

If users have not accepted cookies, this allows for anonymous, cookieless pings to be sent to Google for data modelling purposes. This will allow you to recover some of the conversion data that would have been lost when users did not accept cookies. As above, we will ensure that your CMP is correctly set up, your website is configured so that cookies are not applied when consent is not given, consent signals are sent to Google, and cookieless pings are submitted for modelling purposes.

Other analytics services

We offer a range of analytics services from comprehensive tracking audits through to measurement and reporting, either on a project or monthly retainer basis.