Recommender Systems

Personalised search experience

Personalised search experience

Recommender systems allow you to offer a much more personalised and powerful search experience on your website. 35% of consumer purchases on Amazon come directly from product recommendations and other eCommerce companies report a double-digit lift in conversion rates post recommender system adoption.

But higher sales are not the only benefit. Content recommender systems can be deployed to boost customer engagement and retention so that you can serve your audience with dynamic content recommendations based on their intent, bringing them deeper into your sales funnel until they are ready to convert.

The Vertical Leap team

How we can help you

Our data scientists can help you choose and set up the best plug-in recommendation engine solution for your business or implement a custom-built algorithm to suit your marketing needs, including:

  • Cross-sell/up-sell eCommerce
  • After-sales
  • Proximity marketing
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Content recommendations

Our recommender systems service


First, we’ll analyse your current business model, product range and typical customer journey scenarios, alongside your marketing goals. We can then provide you with a list of optimal technology solutions to meet your business needs and budgets.

Data preparation

Our data scientists will help you determine which data matters the most for recommendation delivery, how to consolidate and warehouse it, and cleanse it for further analysis. At the same time, our development team will start to build the engine.

Roll-out & support

Our team will assist you with the implementation and complete integration of the new engine into your marketing setup, as well as provide in-house training if needed. Once your new system is up and running, we’ll stay in touch and provide you with additional insights on how to continually improve your system’s performance and deliver high levels of personalisation.