Sentiment Analysis

Understand what your customers really think

Understand what your customers really think

Sentiment analysis enables you to analyse conversations happening online about your brand. This help you understand what your customers think about you and your competitors.
Our data scientists can help you access this conversational data from all around the web. Using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, this provides us with analysis across many mediums and delivers actionable insights back to your brand.
How we can help you

How we can help you

Our data scientists can help you understand:

  • What your audience pays attention to when making decisions in the buying journey.
  • What’s driving the conversations in your industry and how you can capitalise on those trends.
  • Prospects seeking product/services recommendations on social media in real-time.

Our sentiment analysis service

Social sentiment analysis

Our analysts can deconstruct your reputation into the exact words your customers are using. Find out how they describe their experience with your brand. Then leverage those findings in your social media and content marketing campaigns. We will help you capture customer feedback and understand their attitude towards your products and services. Then you can take action before any potential risk to your brand reputation.

Social listening

We’ll scale your social listening capabilities with the help of data science. You can easily access the important insights. Maybe you want to discover their attitude towards your competition? Or their current needs, wants and preferences? We can also help you determine and engage with your brand’s biggest social advocates and most vocal critics. These insights will help you devise better marketing messages. You can then incorporate customer feedback into product development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentiment analysis is the process of analysing text to understand the broader meaning. It tells you if people feel positive or negative towards your brand. Modern sentiment analysis systems use natural language processing to identify keywords/phrases. It understands the more subjective meaning of content, such as product reviews and social media posts.

Sentiment analysis helps you gauge the opinion of your brand across social media channels. You can monitor the overall positivity and negativity of social media comments mentioning your brand name. Advanced systems can compile lists of the most common positive and negative points raised by users.
You can use these insights to improve customers relationships or measure customer service. You can also track changes in sentiment as you roll out new changes. These might be product releases, updates or new campaigns.

Sentiment analysis provides a measurement of brand reputation. With the right system in place, you can diagnose the causes of positive and negative sentiment. This reveals how people feel about your brand. It gives you a system for improving sentiment and brand reputation.

Social listening is a subset tool in sentiment analysis. It monitors social channels for mentions of your brand name and other relevant phrases. When these phrases are detected, your sentiment analysis system analyses the content. It then tries to understand the broader meaning of the message: positivity, negativity and the key points raised.

Yes. Twitter is a great network for running sentiment analysis, due to the conversational nature of the platform. There are plenty of existing sentiment analysis systems on the market designed for Twitter. Plus a range of open-source datasets for Twitter that you can use to build your own system.