Sentiment Analysis

Understand what your customers really think

Understand what your customers really think

Sentiment analysis enables you to collect, monitor and analyse thousands of conversations happening online to understand what your customers truly think about your brand, and your competitors.

Our data scientists can help you access this conversational data from all around the web. We combine natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning algorithms to provide comprehensive analysis across multiple mediums (text, visuals, speech etc.) and deliver actionable insights back to your brand.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Our data scientists can help you understand:

  • What your audience pays attention to when making decisions in the buying journey.
  • What’s driving the conversations in your industry and how you can capitalise on those trends.
  • Prospects seeking product/services recommendations on social media in real-time.

Our sentiment analysis service

Social sentiment analysis

Our analysts can deconstruct your reputation into the exact words your customers are using to describe their experience, and help you leverage those findings in your social media and content marketing campaigns. We will help you better capture customer feedback and understand their attitude towards your brand, products and services so that you can take corrective action before any potential risk to your brand reputation.

Social listening

We’ll scale your social listening capabilities with the help of data science so that you can easily access only the important insights: your customers’ moods, social sentiment and attitude towards your brand and competition, as well as their current needs, wants and preferences. We can also help you determine and engage with your brand’s biggest social advocates and most vocal critics. These insights will help you devise better marketing messages and proactively incorporate customer feedback into product development.