Web Design

Professional web design services to help you thrive

Professional web design services to help you thrive

Online consumer behaviour patterns are shifting. Most users have zero tolerance for cluttered, under-performing and out-of-vogue website design. They will be quick to move along to your competitors. In fact, 94% of users cite ‘design’ as their main reason for distrusting or rejecting a website.
We are an evidence-led web design agency. We create beautiful, high-performance websites that will delight your visitors. We will help you convert more of them to leads and customers.
Time to review your website?

Time to review your website?

If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s probably time to review your website design:

  • Your current website does not offer as much ROI as you’d like
  • Your average website page loading time is slow and even more so on mobile
  • Bounce and basket abandonment rates are high
  • Overall conversions are low
  • The layout is busy and navigational options are confusing
  • You are lagging behind in SEO
  • Your site looks notably worse on mobile

Our professional web design services will help you overcome all of these challenges, and more!

Our web design process


This is the initial and most important part of your web design project. Here we will gather requirements and establish project scope. We’ll determine your business goals and set the metrics for success. Apollo Insights, our intelligent automation software, will assist us in the decision-making process. This ensures your new design is backed-up by data, not speculative thinking. We’ll also make decisions on design at this stage, such as whether to build mobile first if your site has a high percentage of mobile users.


At this stage, we create the sitemap for your website, determine navigation, and layout each page and its relationship to the rest of your website. We will use wireframing to really nail down the look and feel of your site’s functionality. We don’t rely on templates that create cookie cutter websites. Your website will be an original design, aligned with your business goals and responsive to your audience needs.


Your website is your audience’s primary way of engaging with your brand. Everything from your logo and page layout, to your on-site content must truly communicate your brand values, unique ethos and memorable experience. It is for these reasons that branding is a top priority for us when we design your website.


During this step, we formalise the final UX design of your website. You’ll be kept in the loop as we use prototyping tools and other utilities to give you a realistic look at your website in the process.


During the discovery and design processes, we will establish deliverables with you. This means you’ll know your website is progressing as planned and will be delivered on time and according to specs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web design creates the visual and interactive experience of websites. This includes the structure and navigation that guides users from one page to the next. Also, the interactive elements users engage with and the individual pages themselves. A web designer creates a positive experience for the end user. They will encourage users to complete the actions that align with your business goals.

The question should be, how much does it cost to build a website that maximises profit? Anyone can use drag-and-drop builders to put a website together. However, this isn’t the same as building a complete experience that guides users through the most important pages of your website and encourages them to take action at every stage of the consumer journey

Websites can range from £3k to over £100k. It’s difficult to give a price without understanding the kind of website you want. We can only quote a website once we understand the spec. For a quote, please email us on [email protected] or call 02392 830281.

Good websites encourage users to take action. They deliver a positive experience while also motivating users with page copy, messaging and CTAs. At the visual level, a website should fit the brand image and present content in the most effective way. It should use stylistic techniques such as layouts, fonts, text size and contrast. At the performative level, pages should load quickly and navigation should be intuitive. The experience should make it easy for users to take action as the content increases motivation.

A website designer creates the visual and interactive experience of a website. The developer codes the design into a functioning website. Designers and developers should work closely together because the choices designers make influence the development and performance of a website.