Web Development

Data-driven web development

Data-driven web development

We are a trusted, evidence-driven web development agency. We offer a wide range of high-quality web development services to ensure your website evolves with the changing behaviours of your audience. We’ll make sure it offers a fast, seamless and compelling experience over time.
Our approach to creating websites is data-driven. Using an industry-leading suite of digital marketing tools, we use intelligent automation to empower our teams with a comprehensive, data-backed roadmap. This enables us to make informed decisions and provide expert advice about your website.

Our web development service

Initial strategic consultation

We pride ourselves on being a very detailed and thorough web development agency. We spend a lot of time with you discussing the aspects of your business, the audience you are targeting, and what you want users to do on your site. Our software analyses your data to help us identify what’s working and what’s not. We’ll provide a web development road map that includes the website features, architecture, design and tech. We’ll spend time getting to know you and your business so that we understand your needs and aspirations.

Wireframing and UX design

Based on a pre-approved list of project requirements, we’ll prepare a series of mock-ups to show you how your front-end will look. We’ll then create high-fidelity designs of the key page templates so that you can see your site before we begin building. Our work in this phase does not stop until you are happy with the designs.


We have a strong and experienced team of web developers who can cover all aspects of a build project. Our agile approach to web development ensures that your project is delivered on time, according to the specs and within the set budget. We’ll update you at all crucial development stages and ask for feedback on the development site throughout the process.

Quality assurance

As a trusted web development agency, we are committed to quality assurance. The final product will be thoroughly tested and checked for bugs before launch. Depending on your needs, we can schedule a multi-stage release or immediate deployment.

On-going web development support

We keep abreast of new technologies and will advise you of any that will further enhance your site. With a WebCare retainer in place, we will continue to focus on developing, maintaining and enhancing your website or app. This will ensure it remains current and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website development builds the functionality of a website using HTML, CSS and other coding or programming languages. Once the design stage of a website is complete, developers are responsible for bringing it to life and ensuring it operates as intended.

Developers are provided with a wireframe along with contextual information for functionality. Eg: a sitemap to convey navigation. The developer codes the website to match the wireframe and tests the finished site for any bugs or performance issues.
If you’re building a custom website, the developers may build the site from scratch or use a starter template. If you’re building a WordPress website or using another CMS platform, the developer will likely customise a theme to match the mockup or wireframe.

Website development takes the design brief and builds it into a functioning website. The design should be approved by the client and the developer must replicate this in the most code-efficient manner to maximise the performance of the website. Once the initial development stage is complete, clients are shown the working site on a local server for final approval. The site is tested before migrating it to a live server.

Wireframing is one method of visualising a website design for developers and clients. Some wireframes sketch the layout and elements of each page. Others may reflect the final product in greater detail, including font styles, elements colours and link styles. Unlike mockups, which include every detail of a website design, wireframing can create a faster design process. It also leaves more flexibility for client input during the final stages of development.