Website Development

Data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making

We offer a range of website build services that will ensure your website evolves with the ever-changing behaviours of your audience, and continues to offer a fast, seamless and compelling experience over time.

Our approach to creating websites is fully data-driven. Apollo Insights – our intelligent automation software – empowers our teams with a comprehensive, data-backed roadmap and enables us to make informed decisions and provide expert advice about your website.

Our website development service

Initial strategic consultation

We spend a lot of time with you discussing the aspects of your business, the audience you are targeting, what you want users to be able to do on your site, and more. Our machine learning software, Apollo Insights, will analyse the available data to help us identify what’s working and what’s not. We’ll develop a comprehensive road map that includes all of the website features, architecture, design and tech to be used, and spend time getting to know you and your business so that we understand your needs and aspirations.

Wireframing and UX design

Based on a pre-approved list of project requirements, we’ll prepare a series of mock-ups to show you how your front-end will look, and then create high-fidelity designs of the key page templates so that you can see your site before we begin building. Our work in this phase does not stop until you are happy with the designs. Learn more about our design process.


We have a strong and experienced team of in-house developers who can cover all aspects of a build project. Our agile approach to software development ensures that your project is delivered on time, according to the specs and within the set budget. You will be kept updated at all crucial development stages and be invited to test and provide feedback on the development site throughout the process rather than just during UAT.

Quality assurance

We are committed to quality assurance so that the final product is ready for immediate launch, and has been thoroughly tested and checked for bugs. Depending on your needs, we can schedule a multi-stage release or immediate deployment.

On-going support

We keep abreast of new technologies and will advise you of any that we feel will further enhance your site. With a WebCare retainer in place, we will continue to focus on developing, maintaining and enhancing your website or app to ensure it remains current and engaging.