App Store Optimisation

Get your app found in the major app stores

Get your app found in the major app stores

Mobile apps don’t rank in platforms like Google Play and Apple’s App Store by themselves. You have to develop and maintain your app store optimisation for people to find it on the major app stores.

App store optimisation has a lot in common with SEO but you’ve got a different set of ranking factors to contend with. In fact, each app store has its own algorithm to optimise for and set of guidelines you need to meet, so you need to tick all the boxes for each one.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Our app store optimisation services will optimise your listing for the most relevant searches on the major app stores. They’ll also test and optimise your listing to maximise downloads and help you improve the UX of your app. This improves your ranking and keeps people using your app after the initial download. We can ensure you:

  • Optimise your app for Google Play and the App Store
  • Pass the review guidelines for each platform
  • Rank higher and maximise downloads
  • Keep users using your app after they download
  • Reduce uninstall rates
  • Increase in-app purchases

Our app store optimisation services

Increase visibility & downloads

We optimise your mobile app listing to improve ranking, increase CTRs and encourage more users to download. While Google Play and Apple’s App Store use similar algorithms, there are some key differences you have to optimise for. Our mobile team ensures you rank well on every platform while maintaining consistency across each of your app listings.

Keep users engaged

App performance is a key ranking factor. The algorithms of major app stores look at key metrics including downloads, engagement and uninstall rates. Your app listing takes care of the initial download. But you have to deliver the right experience to keep users engaged and prevent uninstalls. Our team will help you test and optimise your mobile app to deliver a user experience that keeps users active.

Maximise revenue

Our app store optimisation services help you maximise revenue from your mobile app. Whether it’s through in-app purchases, ads or downloads. Each monetisation strategy has an impact on the target audiences, keywords and in-app actions our mobile team optimises for. But the end goal is to achieve the highest ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reputable app store optimisation agency has all the skills and know-how required to help your app rank for relevant searches. This should be on all the major app stores for iOS, Android & Google. They will optimise your listing to help you increase downloads. They will also improve the UX of your app which will keep users engaged long after the initial download.

App store optimisation is the process of optimising the listings of your mobile app for app stores. These include Google Play and the iOS App Store. The aim is to increase the visibility of your mobile app on these platforms and maximise downloads.

Each app store has its own algorithm for matching apps with user search queries. It groups them together in relevant categories and recommends new apps based on users’ download history. You must optimise your app page correctly if you want to maximise performance. This will achieve high click-through rates to your listing, and encourage positive reviews. App stores want to see that people download your app. Also that they keep using it after the initial download and recommend it to others by leaving positive reviews.

Google Play and Apple’s App Store are the two big names but Microsoft and Amazon both have app stores for their own mobile devices. Each platform has its own algorithm and ranking factors to optimise for. Google’s is the most demanding but Android is by far the biggest mobile operating system in terms of user numbers. Apple’s algorithm is slightly less demanding but its approval criteria are more stringent. The good news is that iOS device owners tend to spend more money inside apps after the initial download.

We don’t have a set price for our app store optimisation services. It depends on how much work is required and what objectives you want to hit. If you’d like a bespoke quote for our app store optimisation services, contact us on 02392 830281 or [email protected].