Content Strategy

Purposeful content marketing

Purposeful content marketing

Two-thirds of marketers are still operating without a documented content marketing strategy so it’s no surprise that so many struggle to attribute purpose and value to their content efforts. Publishing content for content’s sake will ultimately lead to disappointing performance, whereas an encompassing content strategy will turn that content chaos into a streamlined roadmap with clear goals, deliverables and tangible results.

We’ll help you develop a common measurable purpose for your content. Our software, Apollo Insights, helps us distil unique insights to apply in the content planning process: the competitive landscape, best keyword opportunities to pursue, and the ultimate channels to use for optimal content promotion.

How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Research your audiences’ preferences and behaviours.
  • Create an effective content planning process.
  • Set tangible goals and objectives for each piece of content.
  • Create a high-performing content promotion strategy.
  • Provide regular reporting on your content performance.

Our content strategy services

Research and segmentation

Using Apollo Insights, our analytics team will analyse your audiences’ preferences and online behaviour patterns. Equipped with data, we’ll establish optimal types of content to serve to your prospects at different stages of their buying journey and ensure that it converts and satisfies your KPIs. We’ll also identify the best keywords to pursue SEO-wise for short and long-term benefits.

Content plan development

We’ll map different content types to your main business goals and KPIs to make sure that you have clear identifiers of success. Your content plan will include extensive information about your audience: comprehensive content personas to refer to when producing content, key internal/external resources to leverage and the content details specifying the exact keywords, topics and formats you should be developing.

Channel strategy

Establishing the most profitable channels to focus on publishing and distributing content is crucial for success. Our team will help you establish a winning combination of the owned, earned and paid mediums to focus on.

Further optimisation

We strongly believe in constant re-optimisation that challenges our initial assumptions. Once your strategy has been implemented, we’ll closely monitor how your assets perform against the set KPIs, and suggest any adjustments to topics, channels and keyword targeting to meet your goals even faster.