Intuitive digital product design

Intuitive digital product design

UI design stands for user interface design. Where UX design tends to focus on the internal experience of interacting with a site, UI design leans more towards the actual visual elements on the pages.

At Vertical Leap, we’re passionate about UI design. We’ll help your prospects get a fine taste of your customer experience from the first click to the final opt-in. We create responsive, functional and intuitive digital products that look great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Our design team relies on behavioural patterns, backed by years of extensive research, as well as human interface guidelines to deliver memorable and delightful digital experiences.

How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Design beautiful digital products that your audience will love.
  • Ensure your digital experience is seamless across all devices.
  • Create clear and precise interfaces to improve your user journey.
  • Carry out storyboarding and content brainstorming sessions with your team.

Our UI design services


Our goal is to work out the ultimate “look” that provides the optimum experience for people interacting with your company. We’ll take the time to study your target audience, plus analyse the competition to derive the best interaction strategy for your product and core branding elements. Our focus is to create clear, straightforward interfaces that will smoothly guide your users and help them discover your key offerings.


We’ll provide you with icon designs, pattern libraries and style guides. We’ll also invite you to participate in creative storyboarding and content audit sessions with our design team to work out the ultimate design layouts and mockups for your new product. Once we’ve covered all the bases, our UI designers will move on to creating wireframes.


Our team will deliver a series of wireframes (hi-fi & lo-fi) for your consideration and guide you through all the design decisions. We can also create SCAMP designs which are mock ups in the early design stages that illustrate the basic concept. This will give you an idea and feel for the future digital product.