Facebook Advertising

Facebook ad showing on mobile

Extensive advertising options

Facebook advertising generates 22 billion clicks per year with the average cost per conversion among different industries being just £1.40 to £14.90. The number of Facebook users continues to grow year over year, and it boasts the largest mobile-exclusive user base, even compared to its sister-product Instagram.

Facebook offers 11 basic kinds of ad formats to mix and match depending on your marketing goals. So whether you’re trying to engage people with video, showcase your products in a carousel or generate leads, there will be a Facebook advertising product to suit your needs.

Preferred Facebook Partner

Preferred Facebook Partner

We are a Preferred Facebook Partner which means we are vetted by Facebook and certified for excellence in helping advertisers maximise the return from their campaigns. Our Facebook experts are highly skilled at delivering the extensive range of Facebook advertising products.

Our Facebook advertising services

Target audience research

We can help you send the right message to the right people. Using our intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, our expert teams can find unique customer “tribes” within the massive Facebook datasets and target multiple audience micro-segments with personalised offers.

Facebook remarketing

We’ll proactively reach prospects who have already interacted with your brand and entice them to convert. We’ll help you set up Facebook Pixel, refine your targeting and ensure that none of your budget is wasted.

Facebook ad copy

Our expert copywriters will help you brainstorm the best slogans, align text with the various stages of the funnel, run split tests for headlines/CTAs and analyse the final product for relevance. This will ensure that your copy converts.

Messenger chatbots

Our development team can help you build an AI-driven chatbot to engage with your audience. Messenger has become a prime new avenue for connecting with younger demographics, reducing customer support load and expanding brand reach.