Landing Page Design

Landing pages that convert

Landing pages that convert

Good landing page design is key to ensuring high conversion rates and maximising the ROI of your PPC spend. It reinforces the user’s decision to click through and should provide a frictionless path towards conversion. Landing pages are also simple to scale – the more high-converting pages you publish for different campaigns, the more leads you can convert.

Our PPC and design teams are very experienced at creating landing pages that not only look great but also convert your hard-earned traffic so that your budget doesn’t go to waste.

How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Create engaging landing pages that convert.
  • A/B test landing pages to see which connect best with your audience and increase your ROI.
  • Continually optimise your pages to increase click-through rates.
  • Provide regular reporting on how your pages are performing.

Our landing page design services

Data-backed design

With the help of Apollo Insights, our intelligent automation software, we can scientifically approach the design process and confidently develop landing pages that deliver a persuasive and streamlined sales experience in-line with your brand.

Conversion-driven copywriting

We carry out extensive customer and competitor analysis in order to create content that resonates with your audience and drives action. All facets of your copy – headlines, descriptions, CTAs – will be strategically optimised to move those prospects further down the sales funnel towards conversion.

Conversion rate optimisation

Our conversion rate optimisation processes follow a proven blueprint, tested against hundreds of landing pages across different industries. Our PPC specialists are highly skilled at identifying what’s working and what’s not on a granular scale.

Analytics & reporting

Receive regular insights and test results from our team throughout the development and optimisation stages. Our reports are easy to read and clearly communicate how your landing pages are performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PPC landing page is the page you direct users to when they click on one of your ads. When you create an ad campaign in a platform like Google Ads, you define a landing page by typing in the URL of the page you want to send traffic to. Technically, you can define any URL as your landing page but it’s important to send traffic to a page optimised for achieving your campaign goal.

Goal completions are the best measure of a good PPC landing page and this normally involves some kind of conversion – whether it’s a purchase, download, account creation, email signup or another action. A good landing page should also achieve an “above average” rating in your Quality Score report and “good” ratings for the Core Web Vitals signals.

Yes, every ad you create in Google Ads requires a landing page although some campaign types place more emphasis on them than others. With Search and Display campaigns, users are sent to landing pages as soon as they click on your ad although Google Shopping ads and local ads in Google Maps require users to interact with listings before clicking through to your site.

Landing pages play a key role in your Google Ads Quality Score with both the relevance of your message and the user experience of your page being analysed. Landing page experience is one of the main three factors in calculating your Quality Score. High Quality Scores can dramatically reduce the amount you need to bid on keywords to win ad positions, allowing you to beat competitors bidding much higher than you on the same keyword. More importantly, though, quality landing pages achieve higher conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS) and profit.

Create landing pages for every ad or campaign with a unique message, ensuring the content on your landing page is 100% relevant with the ad users click through from. Optimise your pages for Core Web Vitals and user experience (remember, landing page experience is the key metric for Quality Scores).

Also, optimise landing pages for conversions because, aside from boosting campaign performance, higher conversion rates show Google that your landing page delivers on the promise made in your ad.

While you don’t necessarily need to hire a landing page design agency specifically, you should hire a PPC agency that specialises in designing high-performance landing pages. It doesn’t matter how good your advertising campaigns are if your landing pages fail to inspire action and turn traffic into conversions.

Yes, Vertical Leap provides landing page design services and we also optimise landing pages to maximise conversions. We use a data-driven approach to designing user experiences that achieve campaign goals, improve your Quality Scores and drive revenue from your PPC campaigns.