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Prioritised insights and actions

Search marketing requires increasing amounts of data and time-consuming analysis, so much so that it has become too complex to be implemented manually.  To overcome that, we developed Apollo Insights to collect every bit of data there is to know about your campaign and analyse it at scale that is at least 4X of that which our competitors can achieve. Whether it is competitor intelligence, performance forecasting, content gap analysis, keyword research or technical SEO, Apollo provides us with prioritised insights and actions that we would never find ourselves.

Apollo Insights dashboard on screens
Apollo Insights dashboards
Depth and scale beyond human capability

More than 12 years and £1.5M has been invested in the development of Apollo.  It performs tens of billions of cross checks and audits every week, algorithmically analysing 3M websites, 120M pages, 20M words and 1.8M social profiles. That’s why we are confident when we say that it achieves insights at a depth and scale beyond human capability, doing the work previously done by marketing teams and freeing them up to do the more impactful work such as creativity and implementation.


  • Prioritised insights
  • Predictive analytics
  • Diagnostic analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Forecasting
  • Interactive dashboards and reporting
  • Filterable grids.
  • Competitors
  • Gap analysis
  • Keywords
  • and so much more
Apollo Insights dashboard on tablet

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