Pinterest Advertising

We're a results-driven Pinterest advertising agency

We're a results-driven Pinterest advertising agency

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine which 400+ million people turn to every month for purchase ideas. This makes it the perfect network for capturing people’s imagination and introducing them to your product or services. With a range of engaging ad formats and powerful targeting, you can deliver ads with accuracy to the audiences most likely to buy from your brand.

We are a results-driven Pinterest advertising agency. We know it’s about more than just engaging your audience with great imagery, you want leads, sales and a great return on your advertising spend. We can help with that!

How we can help you

How we can help you

As a trusted and credible Pinterest advertising agency, we have lots of experience helping brands maximise their presence on Pinterest. We can help you:

  • Inspire purchase decisions.
  • Pinpoint audiences with an interest in your brand.
  • Build your brand through visual storytelling.
  • Sell products directly through Pinterest.
  • Reconnect with lost leads using dynamic retargeting.
  • Win new customers for B2C and B2B services.

Our Pinterest advertising services

Inspire purchase decisions

One in three Pinterest users in the UK goes on to make a purchase after seeing branded content, making this one of the most influential social advertising platforms. “Pinners” turn to the network for inspiration, which means purchase intent is already high when they see your ads. All it takes is the right message, combined with effective targeting, to turn interest into leads and paying customers.

Sell products through Pinterest

Use Shopping Ads to get your products shown at the top of user feeds and capture their attention. Add a catalogue of products to your profile, which users can access through the “Shop” tab on your profile and drive traffic to your website to complete the sale. You can enhance your paid advertising strategy with organic Pinterest SEO to maximise coverage on the network and influence a wider audience.

Promote services & win customers

Pinterest is well-known as a platform for online retailers but it’s also a valuable advertising network for service businesses and self-employed professionals. Businesses offering design services, home improvements, food subscriptions, wedding services, wellbeing, photography and a wide range of services can target users interested in their niche and win new customers.