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Engaging TikTok advertising campaigns

TikTok is the fastest-growing social network in the world, reaching 1 billion monthly active users earlier this year. The platform is the first to achieve widespread adoption in both China and western markets.

TikTok users actively turn to the platform to discover new products, find inspiration and see how other people are using the items they want to buy. Users can also buy products directly from the app through TikTok Shopping, which is leading the way for mCommerce in the UK.

Our TikTok marketing services build your brand on the network and capture the interest of targeted audiences who are actively looking for inspiration.

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We can help you

  • Grow your reach among younger demographics
  • Tap into niche, highly-engaged groups
  • Find influencers with the right audience
  • Take advantage of the spending habits in each age group
  • Influence purchase decisions
  • Produce content TikTok users love
  • Build organic traction
  • Sell products directly through the app
  • Maximise sales with paid ads

Our TikTok advertising services

Build your brand on the (future) biggest network

TikTok is becoming the biggest name in social media and we can help you build your brand on this massive network. TikTok is here to stay and it’s stamping down on the future of social, driven by shareable video content and driven by users. TikTok user numbers continue to grow faster than any other network and it’s already the second-biggest platform for people aged between 19 and 25 in the UK.

Find your audience

TikTok is a network of communities with shared interests and, with the platform’s AI algorithm delivering relevant content to individuals, we can help you target broad and niche audiences alike with content they care about. Whether you’re publishing organic content as a brand, working with influencers to spread your message or paying for ads to maximise sales, we can pinpoint the audience to make it happen.

Inspire purchase decisions

TikTok’s advertising network puts you at the front of the queue for influencing purchase decisions on the platform. We can help you publish content and ads targeting any audience, based on the content they engage with and the interests they show while using the app. Fashion, beauty and retail brands are obvious contenders for TikTok advertising but any company promoting messages that matters to younger audiences should be present: recruitment, universities, online learning, property, finance, etc.

Sell your products on TikTok

TikTok is leading the way in mCommerce. We can help you sell products through the network so that users can browse and buy your items without leaving the app. TikTok Shopping is already available in the UK, US and Canada for retailers selling through Shopify and rollout is expected to expand in the coming years.