Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO services to help you increase sales

Amazon SEO services to help you increase sales

Amazon is the biggest retail platform in the world with more than half of all product searches taking place on its website. This is a crucial channel for online retailers and, unlike Google Shopping, the majority of product views on Amazon are organic. To maximise visibility on Amazon, you need to optimise your store and product listings to rank for relevant searches.

As a highly-experienced Amazon SEO agency, we can help you optimise your listings for Amazon’s A9 algorithm to ensure you satisfy its ranking factors and give your brand the best possible opportunity to appear in searches.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Our Amazon SEO services can help you optimise your Amazon store to increase visibility and maximise sales. This includes:

  • Amazon store optimisation
  • Product listing optimisation
  • Audience research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Amazon keyword research
  • Amazon customer reviews
  • Amazon analytics
  • Ranking your product listings in Google

Our Amazon SEO services

Store & product listing optimisation

We optimise your Amazon store and product listings to make your product listings more visible to potential customers. A stronger ranking brings in more product views and our Amazon experts also optimise your listings to maximise sales after users click through to see your product.

Audience & competitor research

Discover the most relevant audiences on Amazon and get your products seen by people who are likely to buy from you. Our data analysts pinpoint these audiences and the keywords they’re using to find products on Amazon to prioritise campaigns for high-value returns. Our Amazon SEO services also include extensive competitor research to give you the edge over your rivals in the organic rankings.

Drive sales with customer reviews

Customer reviews are a key driver of sales on Amazon, especially when potential buyers are comparing your store or products with rival alternatives. Reviews are also a key ranking factor in Amazon’s A9 algorithm and have a major impact on CTRs after users see your listing. As a highly-successful Amazon SEO agency, we will help you increase the number of buyers who leave reviews after making a purchase and improve your reviews scores – both to drive more sales and boost your organic ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon SEO optimises product listings to rank organically for relevant searches on the world’s biggest online marketplace. With the majority of product searches now taking place on Amazon, building a strong search visibility on the platform is crucial for online retailers.

To maximise search visibility on Amazon, you have to optimise for its A9 algorithm. This looks at your product titles, images, keywords and product descriptions to match searchers with the most relevant listings. As a product search engine, keyword targeting plays a key role on the platform and the A9 algorithm also considers performance metrics, including click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates and sales volumes.