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Build a loyal audience with our podcast SEO services

Demand for podcasts is growing every year as more people turn to audio content for listening on the go. Content preferences are changing and so are audience dynamics with regular podcast listeners being one of the most engaged and loyal. With demand for new content rising faster than supply, now is the time to build a loyal following before every brand is producing one.

Our podcast SEO services build this audience for you by getting your podcast to rank in search and the major discovery networks like Spotify and Google Podcasts.


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How we can help you

As a credible and established podcast SEO agency, we can help you:

  • Rank your podcast in Google Search.
  • Build a loyal audience of regular listeners.
  • Establish your brand as an industry leader.
  • Generate traffic to podcast pages on your website.
  • Win backlinks with podcast episodes.

Our podcast SEO services

Build a loyal audience

Build a loyal following of listeners by ranking across search and discovery networks. Our SEO team optimises your channel to maximise visibility for people looking for new podcast content. We also build the hub of your channel into your website and optimise individual episode pages to rank for topical keywords and generate organic traffic from search engines.

Raise your brand profile

Podcast content is the ideal format for building your brand’s profile as an industry leader. By networking with experts and featuring relevant guests in your episodes, you can raise the profile of your business and use your episodes as an outreach strategy to earn high-quality links from reputable sources – the kind of links that have the biggest impact on your search ranking.

Beat the competition

Podcasts are the quiet trend in content marketing and companies have been slow to recognise the value of these highly engaged listeners. This is changing with the likes of Spotify and Apple investing heavily in podcasts, catching the attention of journalists, brands and marketers. Given the loyalty of podcast listeners towards their favourite channels, building a following now is crucial – before your target audience puts their allegiance elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast SEO services increase the discoverability of your podcast content in search engines and platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. This cross-platform strategy optimises your channel and episodes to build a loyal audience and take advantage of new opportunities across Google Search and podcast discovery tools.

Podcasts have emerged as one of the most popular content formats in recent years, creating new SEO opportunities in search engines and podcast discovery apps. Aside from optimising for the increased demand for podcast content, you can optimise individual episodes to rank in Google Search and episode pages to target important keywords.

There are two ways to make your podcast searchable on Google. First, you can submit your podcast to Google Podcasts and Google will show your channel and episodes in carousel feeds for relevant searches. You can also host your podcast on your website and create optimised pages for every episode, strategically targeting important keywords in your topics and titles.

Podcast SEO is a relatively new strategy and, while you can gain some traction with traditional search optimisation, you need specialist knowledge of podcast platforms and their integration with search – as well as the interests of podcast listeners. Audio content plays a unique role in the relationship between brands and audiences, which is why podcasts open up so many new opportunities, provided you know how to seize them. A podcast SEO agency will help you maximise this opportunity and ensure you get the best possible return from your investment,

We don’t have a set price for our podcast SEO services as it really depends on what you want to achieve with your podcast, how fast and how competitive your particular podcast area is. For a bespoke price, contact us on 02392 830281 or email info@vertical-leap.uk.