SEO Audits

Protect your search visibility

Protect your search visibility

Search algorithms use hundreds of ranking factors to assess the content and technical performance of your website. The more complex SEO becomes, the more challenging it is to understand where your search strategy is working and where it isn’t. A regular SEO audit will ensure that your website is performing at the optimal level and mitigate any possible loss in visibility over time.

Most of the technical issues that hurt your search ranking develop naturally and often without you even knowing, such as low-quality link profiles, slower loading times and internal linking problems. Others may be caused by specific actions you take – for example, a poorly executed website migration or page removals.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Our SEO audits are powered by our intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, that can detect issues as they develop and put fixes in place before they damage your search ranking.

  • Protect your search ranking.
  • Keep your website SEO friendly.
  • Detect technical issues in real-time.
  • Predict issues before they develop.
  • Identify new SEO opportunities.
  • Identify weaknesses in your existing strategy.
  • Avoid link penalties.
  • Maintain the performance of your website.
  • Maximise the return on your SEO spend.

Our SEO audit services

24/7 analysis

Our intelligent automation system, Apollo Insights, keeps a constant eye on the performance of your website and SEO strategy. Any technical issues are flagged up as soon as they develop and the system also uses artificial intelligence to identify new search opportunities as they emerge.

Consistent search performance

By automating SEO audits, you’re no longer held back by the time it takes to manually compile and assess reports every quarter. A few months is a long time when you’ve got undetected technical issues damaging your search ranking and it can take even longer to recover your position in the search engine results. Our SEO audit service provides instant feedback and predicts issues before they develop so you can achieve consistent search performance as a base to build on.

Technology meets expertise

While Apollo Insights automates your audits, our team of search experts handle the creative side of your SEO strategy and fix any technical issues that develop. This gives you the ideal mix of industry-leading technology and human expertise to give you a competitive edge over the brands you need to beat in the search engine results.