Website Migration

Tried and tested website migration services

Tried and tested website migration services

If you need to make structural changes to your online presence, you may need to carry out a website migration. This is a technical process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must make sure you have the right technical experience on your side to avoid critical failures. It’s crucial that you’re able to migrate your website with minimal disruption to search ranking, functionality and revenue.
Our proven website migration services cover the entire migration process for you, ensuring that your online presence is protected every step of the way. Our site migration SEO team has years of experience when it comes to migrating websites so you will be in the safest of hands.
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We always strive to offer the best website migration service in the industry, and our Google reviews reflect this. Our customers praise us time and time again for our high levels of professionalism, knowledge, quality of service and responsiveness.  Check out our reviews here.

So whether you have a small brochure website or a large eCommerce one with thousands of products, we promise to deliver the best possible website migration service for your budget to ensure you achieve maximum visibility online whenever potential customers are looking for the services/products you provide.

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How we can help you

With our site migration SEO service, you can confidently take the following steps without worrying about the technical implications:

  • Change your domain name
  • Move to a new server
  • Switch to HTTPS
  • Change the structure of your website
  • Move to a new framework or CMS
  • Add a mobile version
  • Build an international website

Our website migration services

Secure migration

Our website migration services are fully secure and we thoroughly test changes before implementing them. We take every possible step to minimise risk and maintain the performance of your website throughout the migration.

Protect your search visibility

Migrating your website doesn’t always mean you have to suffer a drop in search visibility. We take stringent steps to protect your online presence with the expertise of our site migration SEO teams. Sometimes, disruption is inevitable – such as moving to a completely new domain – but the majority of migrations should result in little or no negative impact.

Tailored for you

No two website migrations are the same and our first step is to analyse your site to determine the best approach for your needs. We pinpoint the challenges and risks of your migration so that we can put practical steps in place to avoid problems and test moves before they go live.

Find out how we can help your business

Whether you’re looking to increase your visibility online or improve conversions through your website, we offer a range of services including SEO, PPC, web design & build, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media management, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs. To chat to one of the team,
email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A website migration tells search engines that information has been moved from point A to point B using redirect protocols. It’s vital that you implement the correct redirect protocols for permanent and temporary changes. It’s important to get this right the first time – otherwise, it takes much longer to recover your search ranking.

A website migration is one of the most disruptive tasks you can perform from an SEO perspective. Get this wrong and you could lose your entire search presence or undo years of hard work. Any website migration results in a drop in search ranking. A successful migration limits the initial decline in visibility, recovers as quickly as possible and paves the way for a stronger search presence after bouncing back.

Yes, there’s always a drop in search visibility immediately after a migration. This is why it’s so important to get the migration right, the first time around, so that you can recover your search ranking as quickly as possible. We can speed this process further by taking the opportunity to audit and improve the content on your website. So, you’re not only telling Google that information has moved from point A to B, but also that your improved website deserves to rank higher.

Yes. 100%. The issue with website migrations is that developers can achieve the same thing in multiple, similar ways – for example, redirecting users from an old URL to a new one. However, only one of the methods available passes the correct information to search engines, telling them exactly what’s happening: a permanent redirect, temporary redirect, page removal, etc.

An SEO ensures that migrations deliver the best experience for users, pass all of the necessary information to search engines and recover your search ranking.