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Evidence-Led Search Marketing

We are a search marketing agency that uses evidence-driven solutions to help brands increase online visibility, generate leads and grow sales. We deliver campaigns at scale using a combination of specialist expertise and intelligent automation to drive results.

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Our services

For your search marketing to be a success, it needs to focus on more than simply driving website traffic. Throughout the complex customer journey, your brand must be present every step of the way – from awareness and consideration to conversion – so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste. That’s why we offer a range of bespoke search marketing solutions that delivers results.

Search marketing success stories

P&O Cruises case study

85% increase in traffic to port pages

FatFace case study

127% increase in organic revenue

KFC case study

51% increase in organic revenue

Step inside and see what we're all about

Our head office is based in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Whilst our incredible exterior surroundings include the HMS Warrior from 1860 and beautiful old boathouses, this is starkly juxtaposed with the latest technology and market-leading innovations you’ll find once you step inside our offices. Come in and take a look!

2023 Google Premier Partner

2023 Google Premier Partner

Google only awards this badge to the top 3% of agencies and we’re delighted to qualify. It signifies that we are a PPC agency that, in Google’s words “stands out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships and helping their current clients to grow“.

Being a Google Premier Partner means that not only have we demonstrated exceptional levels of campaign management and met ad spend requirements but for our clients, we have delivered high levels of revenue growth and continue to bolster campaigns using exclusive Google support. Our PPC specialists also benefit from exclusive training and information on the latest trends ensuring your campaign is always ahead of the curve.

Why brands choose Vertical Leap

Evidence-led approach

Many search marketing agencies rely on historical opinions and practices without challenging them. At Vertical Leap, evidence drives everything we do, whether that’s optimising your PPC campaign, enhancing your content using SEO research, or updating your website’s user journey.

We out-care the competition

We’re not the world’s biggest agency, nor the most famous. That’s why we do more to earn our client’s trust and use a client-centric approach on all our campaigns. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we work hard so your campaign is performing as you want it to.

Cutting edge technology

Investing in technology allows us to work smarter. Our Apollo Insights software continuously collates every piece of data available to provide unrivalled insights. Using intelligent automation frees up our specialists’ time to think more strategically and creatively about your campaigns.

Tailored strategies

We always have your commercial objectives at the heart of everything we do – this ensures that our bespoke approach to your campaign is purposeful and meaningful. Jointly setting SMART objectives ensures that we’re tracking against and hitting the goals that matter most to your business.

SEO team

At the forefront of search marketing

We are a trusted UK search marketing agency and have been leading the way in SEO and PPC since 2001. We deliver successful campaigns for hundreds of companies and work across all industry sections including eCommerce, education, charity, food and drink, property, travel, B2B, professional services, and many more.

We have a team of leading SEO and PPC industry experts who are leaders in their fields – speaking at events, training external marketing teams on best practices for SEO and PPC and have even authored books. Our experience helping companies thrive online is second to none, and this is one of the main reasons our customers stay with us for many years.

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4.9★★★★★ from over 110 Google reviews

We have always strived to offer the best possible SEO and PPC services in the industry, and this is reflected in our Google reviews. We are consistently rated for our high levels of professionalism, quality, responsiveness and knowledge, and are extremely proud of the feedback we receive from our customers.

So whether you’re a small, independent business or a large corporation with offices around the world, you can rest assured that the service we provide will be second-to-none and will always aim to exceed your expections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a search engine marketing agency can be a minefield – there are so many to choose from, each making the same claims, and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are some things you can do to make it easier:

  • Check if they’re a Google Premier Partner – this is awarded by Google to the top 3% of agencies, and demonstrates in-depth knowledge of campaign management and customer growth
  • Check out their reviews on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot etc
  • Check out their case studies
  • Ask for client references that you can speak to
  • Go and visit them – seeing the agency at their office can often give you a really good feel as to what they’re about, and confidence that they’re a well-established agency
  • Ask what technology they use – a decent agency should have technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting data work, freeing up their specialists to focus more on the strategic and creative elements of your campaigns

There is no set price for SEO or PPC – it very much depends on the current state of your website/campaigns, what you want to achieve and how soon, how competitive your industry is, and a whole host of other factors. The best way forward to get an idea of cost is to speak to us so that we can assess your situation and provide a bespoke price, or a range of options for you to choose from. Just email us on [email protected]

The line between SEO and PPC has faded over the years. In today’s search marketing landscape, SEO and PPC are co-dependent; you’ll never get the best results out of either unless they’re working in sync. To achieve this, you’re going to need a team or agency capable of integrating organic and paid search into a coordinated strategy. One of the main benefits is the sharing of data. We use our intelligent automation software Apollo Insights to integrate our customers’ Google Ads data with their SEO data. This allows us to provide powerful insights at scale such as:

  • Cross-channel search query analysis.
  • Gap analysis – we can quickly identify gaps in your PPC targeting, based on organic data.
  • Cross-channel reactivity – if a high-value keyword gains or loses organic visibility, we can immediately adapt your paid campaigns.
  • Large-scale keyword auditing for landing pages.


If your SEO strategy is getting good results, you may be reluctant to invest marketing budget into paid advertising. After all, why pay for traffic when you’re already getting what you need from organic search? That’s a fair question but it’s important to understand that SEO and PPC don’t generate the same type of traffic. The basic premise of paid advertising is that you’re paying for visitors who are more likely to convert. In many cases, this is traffic you’re less likely to get from organic search. Check out this blog for more information Why bother with PPC if your SEO is doing great?

The main services a search marketing agency will offer are SEO (organic search), PPC (pay per click), content marketing, website design and build, social media, digital PR, email marketing and data analytics.

We know how important accurate reporting is – it determines the future direction of your campaigns and can provide powerful insights about your biggest threats and opportunities. We provide our customers with fully interactive reports so that they can slide and dice the data whichever way they choose. This is really helpful when reporting to other stakeholders who may have diferent interests.

Transparency is incredibly important to us so we make our work visible to you in a number of ways:

  • Workstream provides 24/7 updates on our activity
  • Regular meetings and scheduled calls
  • Interactive reports using data visualisation
  • Apollo Insights provides access to all your marketing data

Our intelligent automation software, Apollo Insights, algorithmically analyses opportunities and threats to provide complete analysis of your website. It shows everything you are being seen for and everything you are not being seen for but should be.

  • Completes exhaustive technical audits
  • Delivers instant data to our specialists
  • Works at a scale not humanly possible
  • Tracks key competitor metrics
  • Gives you a competitive advantage

Yes we are! This means Google recognises us as being in the top 3% of agencies in the UK. We must maintain the very highest of standards and, in return, we get access to Google Account Managers, and any new tools and beta products before other agencies.

We are also accredited partners with Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft Ads. This means we are recognised as having a deep understanding of these platforms and for our high levels of competency in managing campaigns at scale for our customers.

Yes, we are a truly global agency, and we have built the necessary tools to manage highly successful multilingual ad campaigns across the globe.

At Vertical Leap, we have over 70 employees. We are part of a wider group called the Sideshow Group which currently is made up of 10 agencies across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US with a total of 800+ employees.