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Marketers face many challenges when it comes to content marketing, from coming up with content ideas to ensuring that each piece is continually adding value to your overall website. Over time, content can become stagnant, gaps will appear in your portfolio and the money you have invested will go to waste as your audience drifts to other content providers.

A regular content audit can solve these problems and ensure that your content drives value to your business in the long term.

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Quick wins for your website

We are offering a free, light version of our content audit which will provide you with some powerful insights into how your current content is performing and some ‘quick win’ actions that you can carry out immediately.

We use our intelligent automation technology, Apollo Insights, to gather a comprehensive data set for your website. This is then reviewed by one of our content specialists who creates a bespoke review for you based on the findings.

Before we carry out the review, we will have a quick chat with you to get a better understanding of what challenges you’re facing with your content and what you’re looking to achieve. This will help us carry out a more targeted review.

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