Get a PPC audit

Identify areas where you can improve campaign performance and save money

Are your PPC campaigns not getting the results you want? Do you worry that you’re wasting spend or not getting a decent return on your investment? If you’re not continually optimising your campaigns, they can very quickly start to under-perform and drain your budget. That’s where our PPC audit can help.

With our PPC audit, we will identify any areas where your campaigns are under-performing and where your opportunities are to save money. We can then provide you with actionable insights on how to reduce wasted spend, improve performance and increase ROI 

Apollo Insights audit screens

How does it work?

We use intelligent automation software to gather a comprehensive data set for your campaigns and carry out in-depth analysis. This is then reviewed by one of our PPC specialists who creates a bespoke audit for you based on the findings.

All of our PPC specialists are AdWords qualified and highly skilled at spotting key areas in campaigns where you can save money and increase campaign efficiency.

If you advertise on other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft, we can also run an audit on those for you.

What do we check for?

We will generally carry out a PPC audit according to your objectives and/or challenges so that the information we provide you with is as relevant and useful as possible. However, typical checks include:

  • Bidding & budgets: Is Google wasting your budget? Are budgets set efficiently? Are your bids too high or too low?
  • Targeting: Are you reaching a high quality and relevant audience?
  • Ads: Are you making the most of relevant features? Are ads aligned well with keywords?
  • Demographic or geographic adjustments: Are they in place and working correctly?
  • Automation: Are any rules or scripts in place and working correctly?

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