Content Creation

Conversion-driven content

Conversion-driven content

In today’s world of constant distractions, you have just a few seconds to strike a chord with your prospects before they head off to check out your competitors. So your content needs to be top-notch.

At Vertical Leap, we create more than great content. We use SEO best practices, conversion-driven design, extensive keyword research and subject matter experts to develop a coherent content strategy for your business. Using Apollo Insights, we’ll unearth hidden content opportunities that will help you attract more leads and convert them to customers.

How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Create SEO-driven content to increase your visibility online
  • Create content assets to drive lead generation
  • Carry out keyword research
  • Fill content gaps on your website
  • Optimise and re-purpose under-performing content

Our content creation services

Conversion copywriting

Whether you need to steer prospects towards signing-up for your email list or committing to a purchase, we’ll ensure your content connects with them and inspires action. Each piece of content will constantly reinforce your digital marketing strategy and guide prospects further down the sales funnel.

Blog posts

Our experienced writers will create data-driven, SEO-optimised, thought leadership content ready for you to use. We’ll match your content requirements with writers experienced in your niche to ensure that your articles boast credibility, command traffic and convert it to leads.

eBooks & white papers

We can help cement your position as an industry authority with in-depth content assets. eBooks and white papers are powerful lead-gen magnets for growing your email list (when offered as gated downloadables) and converting your prospects at lower stages of the sales funnel. Our content team can help you come up with the best topics, carry out research, write and design highly-professional assets and assist with content promotion.

Email marketing copy

Our conversion specialists will help you develop a winning content formula for your onboarding, nurturing or promotion campaigns. With a wealth of data at our fingertips, we’ll use this to produce high-performing email copy to help increase your open rates, click-throughs and overall ROI.