LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Ads management to help you increase leads

LinkedIn Ads management to help you increase leads

With over 380 million users, LinkedIn advertising is highly effective for connecting with professionals at all levels. In fact, 78% of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most effective social platform for B2B content marketing due to the often-long buying cycles in B2B. With LinkedIn, you can organise sequential ad campaigns, tackling different groups of leads at different stages of their journey to help move them further down the funnel.

As a certified LinkedIn advertising agency, we can help you run successful LinkedIn campaigns to engage your audience, drive awareness and increase leads.

How we can help you

How we can help you

As a LinkedIn advertising agency trusted by many companies over the years, we have heaps of experience when it comes to making sure your LinkedIn advertising is a success. We can:

  • Run highly efficient campaigns with optimised daily budgets.
  • Achieve very precise targeting, combining many different parameters to narrow down your targeting choice.
  • Accurately attribute your leads.
  • Maximise your return on ad spend.

Our LinkedIn Ads management services

Acute targeting

Using our machine learning software, Apollo Insights, we can identify the most promising micro-niches to target with the right message at the right stage of their journey. Our objective is always to generate relevant, warm leads to your business, without exceeding your budgets.

Extensive industry research

Before we run any campaigns, we will research your industry, collate and analyse data about your competition, refine your unique selling proposition and split-test different copies with selected demographics.

In-depth monitoring & adjustments

Your dedicated campaign manager will keep a close eye on how your ads are performing and continuously tweak your campaign settings to help you meet your goals.