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Professional, high-performing Meta ads management

With 4 billion monthly active users across its products, Meta ads reaches 75% of all internet users. This is the advertising system for capturing the world’s attention. Our Meta ads services connect you with the people most important to your business – and convert their attention into revenue.

How Meta ads benefits your business

In the early days of paid social, networks like Facebook were most suitable for goals like brand awareness and bottom-of-the-funnel leads. However, the rise of social commerce, social search and new user habits gives you influence throughout the whole customer journey.

  • Reach: Meta ads connects you with 4 billion people across Facebook, Instagram and its other core products – the largest online audience, covering almost every consumer age group.
  • Targeting: Meta’s sophisticated targeting system helps you reach people interested in your brand, products or services.
  • Discovery: Facebook and Instagram are the biggest brand discovery platforms of our times – and Meta ads helps you maximise visibility across both.
  • Engagement: Meta’s ecosystem allows you to engage with prospects throughout the customer journey – from discovery to social selling and customer support.
  • Conversions: With proper campaign setup and optimisation, you can convert attention and social engagement into revenue.

With the right campaigns, you can capture leads at the earliest stage of the buying cycle, nurture prospects to their first conversion and engage them through repeat purchase cycles.

How we build Meta ads campaigns that convert

To build Meta ads campaigns that convert, we implement a seven-step process that creates and optimises campaigns for continuous improvement:

  1. Goals: Set your goals and objectives for Meta ads.
  2. Audience analysis: Pinpoint your target audiences across Meta platforms.
  3. Campaign mapping: Draw out a set of campaigns at each stage of the consumer journey, mapping them out on your marketing funnel.
  4. Ad creation: Develop creatives and copy for ads that capture attention and cut through the noise of other social content.
  5. Targeting: Refine campaign targeting settings to pinpoint the most relevant audience for each campaign.
  6. Lead nurturing: Guide prospects to the next conversion goal with engagement, incentivised messaging and retargeting.
  7. Reporting & optimisation: Track campaign performance with 360-degree visibility and continually optimise for each conversion goal.

We can handle every step of planning, strategy and execution or integrate with your team to help you achieve better results.


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Facebook advertising

With Meta ads, you can manage campaigns from one location while targeting ad placements across Meta products – namely Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook, you can show across the main Feed, Stores, Reels, Facebook Marketplace, the right column (desktop only), search results and more. Consider the best types of content for each placement (eg: post vs video) and your campaign goal. Using multiple placements can increase visibility but you may need to create certain ads for specific placements to get the best results.

Instagram ads

Instagram ads

On Instagram, you can show ads across the main feed, Stories, Reels, the Explore tab, search results and more. Depending on your campaign objective, Meta ads may also appear on Messenger and third-party websites via Meta Audience Network.

To get the best performance from campaigns, analyse how your audiences interact with content and ads across different Meta products. You’ll often find that Facebook, Instagram and other placements are more effective for certain goals than others.

Our approach to Meta ads

1. Reach the people most important to your business

Reaching the right people is your first objective with Meta advertising. It doesn’t matter how compelling your ads are if you’re showing them to the wrong audience. Campaign targeting is key to reaching the most important people to your business. This starts with knowing your audience, which platforms they use (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and how they interact with different types of content. This tells you which campaign goal to select and which platforms/placements to target. Then, you can refine targeting settings at the campaign level to filter out irrelevant audiences.

2. Capture attention during the moments that matter

Visibility is one thing, but simply being seen doesn’t convince people to buy. You need to capture your audience’s attention by cutting through the noise and endless messages they see online. People’s priorities change as they move along the consumer journey. Understanding what your audience needs each step of the customer cycle is integral to capturing their attention during the moments that matter. These insights help you create the perfect ad messages, in the ideal format – and show them in the most effective placements.

3. Turn attention into leads and sales

Capturing the attention of your target audience at the key moments is half the battle. The other half is turning their attention into leads, sales and other conversion actions that drive revenue. By mapping campaigns throughout the consumer journey, we can gauge where any given audience is in relation to the next conversion goal. From here, we can create custom audiences to continue reaching prospects and nudge them towards the next conversion goal. We can strategically ramp up motivation with new interactions and create retargeting campaigns to re-engage previous website visitors and customers.

Need help with your Meta advertising?

To chat to one of our Meta advertising specialists, email [email protected], call 02392 830281 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Meta ads agency specialises in advertising campaigns across Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Vertical Leap’s fully managed Meta ads services cover everything your advertising strategy needs – from strategic analysis and campaign setup to asset creation, analytics and optimisation.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most cost-effective social platforms, particularly for engagement and ROI. With average CPCs of £1.27, Facebook and Instagram campaigns are suitable for every budget, but the more important question is: how much can we make you in return?

This depends on how well you plan, create and optimise your Meta ads campaigns. Our three-pronged approach of reach, attention and conversion maximises the effectiveness of campaigns. We target the right audience, capture their attention and turn ad visibility into action.

You should see increased visibility right away, but this is only the beginning. We continue optimising your Meta ads campaigns to maximise visibility, engagements and conversion actions that drive revenue.

Most companies and marketing teams hire a Meta ads agency because they’re not getting the results or they don’t have the means to manage everything internally. Our Meta ads services bring all of the expertise, experience and tools you need to drive real growth from paid campaigns.